Vas Deferens Function and Common Issues

The vas deferens is one of the components of the male reproductive system.

This bowl of almonds contain properties that might help boost vas deferens function

The male reproductive system has many parts including a duct that’s known as the vas deferens. It’s important to know the way certain parts work like vas deferens function. This provides a snapshot of how the whole system works, which is important for different reasons. For example, it provides a better understanding of how sperm moves through the body before exiting it. This is critical to figure out how well your body’s reproductive system is working. In many cases, a patient knows that something is wrong but they’re not 100% sure about the root cause of the symptoms. Having some basic know-how can help.

It also helps to know when something isn’t working right. That can include something called epididymitis that’s often caused by a bacterium and can involve the vas deferens. In many cases, the different parts of the reproductive system can be affected by one factor like bacteria. So, it’s also important to know how this can affect the duct. For example, certain conditions can cause pain and discomfort in the region. In some cases, the situation isn’t serious. However, as always it’s important to get things checked out if you think you have symptoms of a certain condition. It’s best to be on the safe side.

What Is the Vas Deferens Function?

The vas deferens isn’t a well-known part of the male reproductive system. However, like other parts it’s important to know the basics about what it is, how it works, and what can go wrong.

What’s the vas deferens all about? This long tube travels from something called the epididymis to the pelvic cavity, which is a little behind the man’s bladder.

There are actually two tubes that carry sperm. Each one is on the side of each of the testicles. The tube is around 30 cm (1.8 inches) long and is made up of a smooth muscle.

The sperm is actually made in the epididymis and they’re linked to the vas deferens. The semen moves from this structure to another area through the vas deferens.

Another important body part that’s involved in the process is the prostate, which makes up nearly three-quarters of the fluid that’s added to sperm in semen.

The job of this duct is to move sperm to the urethra. This is the tube that moves urine/sperm outside the body. The bodily fluids are then released from the penis.

A procedure related to the vas deferens is a vasectomy. This is a type of procedure that keeps the semen from exiting the body during sex. The tubes are related to the procedure since they’re part of the semen’s normal travel out of the body.

This procedure is quite safe, and usually there aren’t any complications. It might cause some side-effects that you should be aware of like swelling.

One of the benefits of this procedure is it can actually be reversed. The success rate of the reversal procedure is based on various factors.

You should certainly think twice about considering either of these procedures. While the original surgery can be reversed you should consider the side-effects/risks involved.

Vas Deferens Conditions

As with other parts of the reproductive system, there’s a chance that something can go wrong. It’s important to know about these issues so you can treat or prevent them as needed.

The ducts can experience various conditions. These can cause symptoms like swelling, inflammation, and pain. It’s important to contact a urologist as soon as possible if you experience any of these conditions.

In most cases, the problems you’re experiencing can be treated with different things like medication, ice, and rest. However, there’s no way to be certain about what’s wrong until you get it checked out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Another possible problem is a certain defect that happens at birth. It results in the vas deferens not developing and makes up to 5% of all infertility cases among men. The person usually doesn’t know about this condition until they experience various infertility issues.

However, it’s worth noting that men aren’t infertile if only one of the tubes functions. It’s important to know about whether or not you have this condition. If one of the tubes is still functioning your partner can still get pregnant. However, it might be tougher due to only one of the tubes functioning.

This condition that affects the vas deferens can be related to another condition known as “cystic fibrosis.” This is a genetic disorder that affects certain glands.

This condition causes very thick mucus, which results in various ducts getting blocked. CF often results in infections that affect breathing and might affect the lungs. If you think you have a disorder it’s important to get it checked out. It could be CF or another disorder.

Unfortunately, men often delay getting screened for conditions that affect the reproductive system. There’s no reason to be embarrassed because these conditions sometimes have the potential to cause serious health problems.

Top Foods for Boosting Sex Drive

If you want to improve the function of the vas deferens try these foods to boost your sex drive:


These tree nuts contain something that helps to relax blood vessels and improve blood circulation. There’s also a certain amino acid in almonds that helps to maintain an erect penis.


This provides a 1-2 punch. The vitamin C boosts the quality and quantity of sperm, and also helps to reduce infertility.

Dark Chocolate

Make sure to consume dark chocolate since it’s closer to the natural chocolate bean. This popular food can release the “feel-good” hormones endorphins and serotonin. It boosts your mood so you’ll be—well, in the mood.


This popular beverage is a stimulant that causes your sex drive to spike. The brain gets stimulated, which helps to boost your sex drive.

Strawberries or Raspberries

There might be a hidden reason why strawberries are used in foreplay. It turns out that the fruits’ seeds are high in zinc This is an important mineral for men and women. Zinc helps to control the male hormone testosterone, which makes sperm.


Eggs contain a certain kind of amino acid that can help to boost your erection. It can even help to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) if you suffer from the condition.


This fruit isn’t just refreshing in the summertime but also helps to boost a man’s sex drive. It contains a substance that releases stuff that’s important for sexual health.


Are you looking for an excuse to eat steak? This is a good option from time to time for boosting your sex drive. The beef contains protein, Vitamin, B, iron, and zinc.

All of this stuff can benefit a man’s libido. So, it’s a good option if you want to boost your sex drive and improve vas deferens function.

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