Treatment for Knee Pain in Old Age Home Remedies

Knee pain actually comes in different forms for different people. For instance, knee pain could be either acute or chronic. The acute one comes suddenly and usually doesn’t last for long.

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One of the common health problems among old people is knee pain. Well, that’s a given since their body gets weak as they age. At the same time, the bones aren’t as strong as a person ages. So you would expect that the old person would have to deal with pain at different parts of the body. And that includes the knee. But is there any way to deal with this? Well, you can try out treatment for knee pain in old age. These would go a long way in helping to ease the knee pain.

For many health conditions, there are different treatment plans. And your doctor would usually advise what’s best depending on certain factors. But then again people now opt for home remedies. For many, home remedies have become the escape route. Because it’s quite cheaper and easily accessible. That’s why for treating knee pain for old patients some people prefer home remedies. We will be bringing that to your table today. So stay tuned if you want to find out more. 

Knee Pain 

Before we go into treatment for knee pain let’s first take a look at what knee pain is all about. 

Knee pain happens to be one of the most common complaints of both old and young. Most especially athletes. And one of the common causes of knee pain happens to be a knee injury. So once you trip or fall you would expect that you would most likely have knee pain. Another common cause of knee pain is old age. That’s why many old people complain about having knee pain. 

Knee pain is basically described as any form of discomfort that affects the knee. It could come as a sensitive pain or a throbbing pain. There are actually some other symptoms that can come with knee pain. And they are: 

  • Discomfort while walking, squatting or doing exercises
  • Swelling around the knee region 
  • Reduced ability of the knee that comes with stiffness 
  • Instability of the knee 
  • Warmth and redness around the knee
  • Unusual sounds such as crunching and popping sounds 
  • The inability of the knee to bear the weight 

Knee pain actually comes in different forms for different people. For instance, knee pain could be either acute or chronic. The acute one comes suddenly and usually doesn’t last for long. The chronic one develops progressively and would usually last for about 4-6 weeks or even longer. 

Some of the common causes of knee pain happen to be: 

  • Injuries to the leg 
  • Arthritis either rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis 
  • Gout 
  • Biochemical problems 
  • Joint mice 
  • Infections that can cause retention of fluid and swelling 

For older people the common cause is osteoarthritis. This is actually a degenerative form of arthritis. According to statistics over 20 million people in the United States are dealing with knee osteoarthritis. And it happens to be one of the top 5 conditions that affect more than ⅓ of people over the age of 65. 

There are also risk factors that can increase the risk of a person having knee pain. And they are: 

  • Doing risky sports like skiing, basketball, football
  • Being a long-distance runner or a cyclist
  • Being a female athlete 
  • Poor training techniques 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Being sedentary 
  • Previous injuries that affected the leg and knees
  • Being overweight 

Treatment for Knee Pain in Old Age Home Remedies 

There are certain simple home remedies you can try out that can help reduce knee pain in old age. Let’s take a look at them. 


For many old people, one of the major causes of knee pain is inactivity. That’s because most old people tend to have reduced workload when they are old. And because of that their muscles and bones become inactive. One way to correct this is by going for walks. Doing morning or evening walks would be a great idea. 


Another good way to reduce knee pain is with a massage. You can apply olive oil or another massage oil of your choice. Then massage the oil gently into the skin for a while. After doing this it is expected that you would feel the difference. You can do this about twice a day. 


As you may already know, calcium is one of the major minerals needed for bone growth. So consuming enough calcium would guarantee stronger bones. Make sure you increase your calcium intake. You can opt for milk which is one of the best sources of calcium. This would go a long way in reducing knee pain. 

Cold compress

This is something simple but yet effective. It would help get rid of the swelling and the pain as well. All you have to do wrap some ice cubes into a towel. And then compress it on the affected area. You can do this for about 10-15 minutes. And this process can be repeated as many times as you want in a day. 


For some years now, turmeric has been known for its amazing healing properties. As an antioxidant, it has anti-inflammatory properties. And this can help get rid of knee pain. This can be used when cooking. You can even add it to your milk. 

Lose weight

Obesity is one of the reasons why some people have leg pain. That’s because all the weight of the upper extremity is carried by the leg. If the weight is too much it would be a problem for the knee and legs. And it can lead to serious pains. So if you weigh more than you should right now try shedding some pounds. That would go a long way in reducing knee pain.  

So these are actually simple things you can try out. If you have any old family member this having knee pain give them some of these tips. And also explain how they should do it. If they need someone to help them out each time, offer a helping hand. You can be sure that after some time there would be changes. That’s because these are good treatments for knee pain in old age. 

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