Top 7 Testosterone Boosters

We often associate low sex drive with the decrease in the level of testosterone produced. Some serious illnesses and physical weaknesses are in fact attributed to the decrease production of testosterone. If left untreated it could negatively impact the confidence and overall health the individual.

ginger and a cup of ginger tea

We often associate low sex drive with a decrease in the level of testosterone produced. While this specific effect on man’s libido is accurate, many more serious illnesses and physical weaknesses are in fact attributed to the decreased production of testosterone. If left untreated it could negatively impact the confidence and overall health of the individual. We’ll look at what testosterone is and what are the available testosterone boosters for you.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterones are androgens produced in the testicles and even in small amounts in the ovaries. Testosterones provide the necessary muscle strength for women; an oversupply nonetheless can have adverse effects for females such as infertility, baldness, irregular menstrual period, breast shrinkage, and hyperproduction of facial oil and pimples.

Aside from strengthening the libido of men and developing their male qualities such as facial hair, deepening of voice among others, testosterone provides a number of functions in regulating the production of bone mass, sperm, and red blood cells, improving and developing muscles and their size and, distribution of fats. Two known effects when the level of testosterone decreases are infertility and loss of sex drive.

However, more physical and internal problems arise when it starts to go down; the man may experience erectile dysfunction and his breasts start to swell. If the problem persists or no interventions take place, then the male will suffer from muscle deterioration, loss of strength, and experience hair loss and excessive weight gain. The tendency to easily get angry or lose temper is one emotional manifestation too alongside other visible mood changes.

When Does the Testosterone Start to Decrease and Are All Men Prone to Such Risk?

Unfortunately, as men start to age, so too does the testosterone production begin to dive down. The decrease in the level often starts by mid-20s. While male characteristics are attributed to this sex hormone, all of these could deteriorate once testosterone decrease. Often the drastic lowering of testosterone is felt around the age of 40 and further lowers at 60 years. The decrease is called hypogonadism.

Aside from age-related reduction, there are other causes too such as excessive use of medications like opiates, injuries to the testicles, and hormone disorders triggered by a pituitary tumor and chronic and, genetic diseases. Stress from everyday life and pollutants moreover affects the production of testosterone.

While it is inevitable to happen as aging is irreversible, there are ways to stop the reduction or even boost testosterone. For example, men can actually take nutrients and other health supplements available in reliable health stores. Taking vitamin D is one good example to boost testosterone. Deficiency in this vitamin affects the quality of the sperm. Those who aren’t exposed to sunlight, especially those who live in colder climes with limited sunlight and have sedentary lifestyle face the risk of faltering testosterone due to deficient vitamin D. Hence, it is necessary to take vitamin D by either consuming food rich in Vitamin D or tablets fortified with the same minerals daily – ideally with 3000 IU.

Aside from aiding the body to recover after an intense workout or exercise, Zinc on the other hand can also boost testosterone and increase sperm count. Thus, this mineral is another type of booster. Taking this essential mineral or supplement on a daily basis does a lot in ensuring that the effects or having low testosterone are reversed. Taking zinc likewise improves libido.

Ashwagandha meanwhile also acts as a testosterone booster as it has numerous benefits when taken on a daily basis such as improving the quality of the sperm. This natural herb, originally used as part of Ayurvedic treatment can actually aid people who suffer from anxiety and stress. Too much stress increases the cortisol level which contributes to the weakening of the testosterone level.

Aside from the above, this Indian natural medicine enhances the individual’s workout, helping the body regain its strength.

Another testosterone booster is ginger, which is widely known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Taking ginger, either consuming it naturally or taking supplements packed with the nutrients of ginger can stimulate the hormone-producing testosterone. Sperm health and sperm count also improved to those who tried ginger to reduce the effects of low testosterone.

Improving sexual drive is one benefit of Fenugreek, another type of testosterone booster. Fenugreek is an herb commonly used in South Asia to enhance the taste of food. Similar to garlic, the seeds are used to spice up the food or taken as medicine, while the leaves are often combined with other meats like a vegetable.

Fenugreek has been widely used to treat menstrual pain, hardening of the arteries due to high cholesterol, stomach related pains, diabetes among others. Described as tasting like maple syrup, people also use this to treat erectile dysfunction and improve sperm quality – thus a natural testosterone booster.

Tribulus Terrestris makes an effective booster, especially those who have shown manifestations of poor testosterone levels. More known as a natural medicine used during olden times for treatment, the fruit, root and leaves of this plant are known to have benefitted those who experienced erectile dysfunction and infertility. Tribulus Terrestris is available as a natural supplement and helpful for those who already are suffering from low testosterone or experiencing problems on sexual performance.

One more beneficial booster is Dehydroepiandrosterone or more known as DHEA. It is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands and turned into testosterone, but supplements are available as the gland’s ability to produce of course has its limits.

Taking supplements containing DHEA is said to have improved fertility, sex drive, muscle mass, strength, sperm quality, and count and even treated erectile dysfunction. Other benefits of taking DHEA include managing mood changes, decreasing fat mass, and improving exercise performance.

As some of these boosters are available in supplement form, one must always remember the risks and side effects. Thus it is always important to seek doctor’s advice before taking a testosterone booster. Buying them from safe and reputable heath stores is also highly recommended.

Using natural methods to reverse the signs of low testosterone should also be tried as the side effects are less. Examples of natural ways are exercising regularly, eating food with healthy fats like avocado coconut oil, reducing food rich in sugar, getting enough sunlight and other ways that are good for overall health.

Have a blood test too, to check your testosterone level before taking any supplements.

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