Seminal Vesicle Function Overview

Seminal vesicles are glands present in the male reproductive system. They are a pair of twisted tubes that play a large role in the production of semen.

Putting a stop to smoking might help keep the seminal vesicles healthy

The male reproductive system is made up of a whole lot of organs. Starting with the quite visible ones the penis and the scrotum. There are some that are internal such as testis, epididymis and vas deferens. Men also have accessory glands that are quite important. These glands include seminal vesicles, bulbourethral glands and also prostate gland. All these organs work together for the fertility of a man. So each of these organs has a specific function. But today we’ll only be taking a look at the seminal vesicle function.

The truth is that so many men had heard about seminal vesicles. They know it’s a part of the body. But very little have knowledge as to its function. Actually, the seminal vesicles are located in the pelvis of a man. It’s a pair of sac-like glands. And their job is to produce the majority of the components of semen. As you read further you will get a better understanding of the function of the seminal vesicle.

Things You Need to Know About Seminal Vesicles 

Seminal vesicles are accessory glands of the male reproductive system. They are located between the urinary bladder and also the rectum. A seminal vesicle is pyramidal in shape. And is about 5cm in length. The seminal vesicles actually contribute a large percentage to seminal fluid.

Seminal vesicle has a tube that’s made up of three layers. The three layers are:

Moist inner layer made up of specialized cells

These specialized cells are called secretory cells. These cells contain lipid droplets. Which is why they have a foamy appearance.

Middle layer made up of smooth muscle

It’s arranged into two layers. And these two layers are outer longitudinal and inner circular layer. These two layers are supplied by the sympathetic nervous system.

Outer layer made up of connective tissue

During ejaculation, it’s actually the smooth layer that contracts. When it contracts seminal vesicle fluid is released into the ejaculatory duct. And then from the ejaculatory duct, it goes into the urethra.

Each seminal gland has an excretory duct. And this excretory duct unites with vas deferens. Once they unite they form the ejaculatory ducts. Then the ejaculatory duct opens into the prostatic urethra at an opening called verumontanum.

The development of seminal vesicles is dependent on androgens. Even the maintenance is dependent on androgens.

Also, don’t forget that even though they are called vesicles they do not store spermatozoa. Their job is just to produce fluid that is a component of the semen.

Seminal Vesicle Function 

Seminal vesicles play a very important role in normal functioning semen. And that’s because the majority of the contribution comes from seminal vesicles. So if the seminal vesicle is not functioning properly you would expect that there would be problems with the semen.

Secretions from seminal vesicles actually make up 70% of semen. Here are the components of the fluid:

Alkaline fluid

This fluid is basically for the survival of the spermatozoa. The male urethra and the vagina of the woman are actually acidic. The spermatozoa wouldn’t be able to dwell in that condition. This is why the neutralization of this acidity is important. And that’s what seminal vesicles do. They produce alkaline fluid that helps in neutralizing acidity.


This is one component that’s very important. And that’s because for the spermatozoa to be able to swim energy is needed. Fructose is the source of energy for the spermatozoa. All thanks to fructose the spermatozoa can swim easily and fertilize an egg.


Normally, our body reacts to any foreign substance that gets into our body. And semen is a foreign substance to the body of a woman. With prostaglandins, the immune system of a lady is suppressed at that time. And her body wouldn’t be able to react to the foreign substance.

Clotting factors

So for the semen to remain in the body of a woman even after ejaculation clotting factors are needed.

Tips on How to keep Seminal Vesicles Healthy 

It’s quite obvious now that seminal vesicles play a large role in reproduction. This is why it’s important that you always keep them healthy. We’ve come up with tips on how you can go about this.

Practice safe sex

This is one way you can keep your seminal vesicles healthy. Here’s how it works. If you don’t use a condom and also have multiple sex partners you’re at higher risk of STIs. Sexually transmitted infections cause inflammation of some genital organs. And if your seminal vesicles are to be enlarged it could pose harm to the secretion of the fluid.

Maintain a healthy weight

When you maintain a healthy weight there would be normal sperm count and movement. It has been found out that a higher body mass index is associated with low sperm count and also sperm movement. At the same time exercise would also go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Eat a healthy diet

This involves you taking a lot of fruits and vegetables. They are beneficial because they contain antioxidants. Don’t eat so much processed food. At the same time cut down on sugar intake and also saturated fat. You can opt for grains and also lean meat.

Quit smoking

It has been found out that smoking reduces sperm count and reduces the motility of sperm. It’s easier said than done but you can still do it. You can talk to your doctor if you really want to quit. A plan can be created to help you quit smoking.

There are actually medical conditions associated with seminal vesicles. It’s important that you take note of changes. As they could suggest medical conditions. Talk to your doctor and confirm if it’s really nothing to worry about. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The role of seminal vesicles is sure indispensable. As small as they seem they have a lot of contributing to the fertilization process. All thanks to the components that seminal vesicles produce fertilization is a lot easier. This is why it’s very important for men to understand the seminal vesicle function.

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