Rheumy Eyes And The 12 Conditions That Causes It

Rheumy eyes is a condition wherein the eyes of an individual are red and are watery with tears. It could be because of a tiny dust particle getting caught in your eyes.

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We can also tell if someone is lying to us by simply looking into that person’s eyes. The same goes for sometimes distinguishing whether a person is dangerous or not by merely looking at their eyes. How about the way we quickly empathize with another individual when we see them tearing up or crying. There is just something so raw and genuine with a teary-eyed scene. Though this is not the case all the time. We can’t generalize everything. But just a curious thought did you know that there are other reasons for having teary eyes than just emotions. There is a condition called rheumy eyes. Together let us all learn more about this condition.

Rheumy Eyes

According to the dictionary, Rheumy eyes is a condition wherein the eyes of an individual are red and are watery with tears. It could be because of a tiny dust particle getting caught in your eyes. Some dust in the wind as they say. But there are plenty more reasons for this red and watery state of our eyes and here are the possible reasons why. 

12 Conditions that Cause Rheumy Eyes

signs and causes of rheumy eyes

Dust in the wind

Like what we mentioned earlier, the first and foremost reason that your eyes get watery and red is because of some dust in the wind that got caught in your eye. Other particles can also get into your eyes that can make you tear up like the molecules of an onion when you slice them. The wind itself can make you teary when they hit your eye at a certain pressure and speed.


Conjunctivitis is a term denoting an infection. This is most commonly known as “the pink eye” for most folks. The infection can either be viral or bacterial in nature. There are very few medications for viral infections but pray that your body can and will be able to combat it provided that you are healthy enough. The same cannot be said for bacterial infections though because your doctor might need to give you some antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Conjunctivitis can hit adults, kids, and even infants. The eyes turn red and feel like there are bits of gritty sand in your eyes because of the infection thus the name pink eye.

Teardrops from my tear ducts

Your eyes and mine have what experts call a tear duct. This tear duct is where our tears usually go after they have been released from our tear glands. These ducts kind of act as small dams. When these ducts get clogged because of some infection, the tears could pile up in the eyes thus making it watery. or rheumy eyes as they say.

Windshield, wipers, and eyelids

Our eyelids are perhaps one of the most neglected body parts that we have. They are there but we don’t seem to give much care about them. But they are far more important than what we take them for. Have you ever watched The Hollow Man starring Kevin Bacon?

In that movie Kevin was a brilliant scientist who proposed that he created a serum that can turn any creature invisible and so to cut the long story short, he tested his serum on himself. There was a particular scene in the movie where Kevin was having a difficult time falling asleep because his eyelids were invisible and so any amount of light is painful for him.

Though this is science fiction it kind of shows that our eyelids are important too. They are like our mini windshields and wipers at the same time. 

My oh my, it’s a stye! 

Oh my, that’s a stye. A stye is characterized as a small bulge or lump right at the edge of our eyelids. This lump or bulge can only come from an infection that is bacterial in nature. The bacteria may have come from unclean hands touching your eyes making them watery, itchy, and red. It is therefore imperative that you always keep your hands clean before you go touching your eyes.


Some people like to wear contact lenses that make their eyes pop. But no matter how lovely the effect of these contact lenses they still may pose a threat to their users. Without proper care, these contact lenses can dry out the natural moisture of our eyes and they could in effect scratch them as well. Now that is painful. Other objects could also be potential scratchers to our eyes are glasses, shades, fingernails, pens, and whatnot. 

I’ve got allergies

Most of the people in the population have allergies of different kinds. It can be acquired or it can be genetic. Studies have shown that if one of the parents of a child has an allergy to a particular allergen, it is most likely that the child will inherit that allergy too. This is some way is how asthma is spreading. Partly the manifestation of an allergy to dust and other allergens is continuous sneezing and when you sneeze your eyes become red and watery and become rheumy eyes.

Eyes are dry

If you are a person who travels a lot then you are probably exposed to rough winds, this is a key factor to having dry eyes. The harsh humid weather could also get your eyes dry and when they are dry they could get red and itchy. Because of this itch, you tend to rub your eyes thus triggering your tear ducts to produce tears because you literally have hurt your eyes. There are a lot of eye drops in the market that are available for your dry eyes. 


There will be days when you forget to wash your hands and touch your eyes this will get you into trouble. Because you can get germs, bacteria and or other unwanted substances that can irritate your eyes causing an infection. The infection can manifest into blepharitis which is the swelling of your upper eyelids. In some cases, blepharitis needs medication, in others though it can come and go. 

Too oily for my skin

Our body is full of oil glands that keep our skin lubricated and away from dryness. Sometimes our shower gels and soap strip off that natural moisturizer. The case with our eyes though is different. It may sound odd but it is true. Our eyes have oil ducts of sweat glands as well. But not literally on our eyeballs. It is actually found on your eyelids. This partly lubricates your eyeballs and stops them from being dry.

When dust blocks them, then we have a problem. This blockade impedes them from producing enough oil to keep your eyes moist thus making your eyes dry, irritated then you rub them getting them wet with tears. One way of helping your oil ducts to work again is by applying warm compresses to your eyelids. Be gentle though you might irritate your eyes further. 

Eyelash on the dash

Sometimes the problem is in our eyelashes. They may seem harmless but they also pose a threat to your eyes. When they get to your eyeballs accidentally, your eyes then get irritated and or itchy which you will then want to rub thus making it red. Dirty hands could also get the area that holds your eyelashes infected thus affecting your eyes as well turning them into rheumy eyes.

Something else

Today there are a lot of other causes of watery and irritated red eyes. Some experts mention rheumatoid arthritis, Bell’s Palsy, problems with your thyroid and sinus, and lastly Sjogren’s Syndrome. All of which have available treatments that may cause unwanted irritation and watering of your eyes. 

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