Purple Eyes (Alexandria’s Genesis): True or Not?

Purple eyes? Sounds like an intriguing pair of eyes. Is it true and how does one get a dazzling pair? Learn more about Alexandria’s Genesis facts or myths in this article.

baby with purple eyes

Purple eyes, also known as Alexandria’s Genesis, is an eye condition when the eyes of a newborn genetically mutate into a radiant purple from its standard color. At first during birth, the eyes of the newborn baby are usually originally gray or blue.

You will know it is Alexandria’s Genesis when in the span of the next six months, the baby’s eyes transform into the color purple. By teenhood or puberty, purple makes out into a deeper purple, a more royal purple, and finally, a blue-violet shade remaining this way for the person’s lifetime. Having purple eyes will not affect one’s eyesight.

Acquiring purple eyes does not sound like a bad thing. In fact, it’s lovable to see. Individuals that are said to have it from birth gain advantages because this rare condition makes their skin shinier and fairer, not to mention, cannot be tanned or burned. Sources add that women with blue or black hair are more likely to acquire this genetic mutation.

More so, the rare persons that have the purple eyes are rumored never to have hair grow in their face, body, or pubic area. It gets more intriguing because it is believed that individuals with Alexandria’s Genesis can live past 100 years of age, while their aging process already ceases at 50 years of age. Sounds too good to be true? Read more interesting information on purple eyes in this article and find out if it is a truth or a myth.

Purple Eyes Origins and Stories

Alexandria’s Genesis origin rewinds back to a thousand years ago in the land of Egypt. It was said that a bright flash of light shown in the sky one moonless evening and people were intrigued then decided to run outside to witness the bright mystery. As they viewed the illumination, the light entered their irises, and onlookers developed what we now call purple eyes.

They were also seen to wear paler skin. Eventually, the people that were affected by the mysterious radiance called themselves spirit men. These spirit men moved to the North of Egypt’s land and were never to be seen again.

In a separate story, the rare purple eyes condition traces back to 1329 England. An infant by the name of Alexandria Augustine (where its name originated from) was born with regular blue eyes that rapidly changed into a unique set of purples. No one knew the cause and her parents were flustered.

She was taken to a priest and the priest told the family that a myth had just come true about a child and her purple eyes. When later in life Alexandria bore two daughters, both her children developed the same color of eyes. Better yet, both daughters lived well past a hundred years of age.

Today, there are some rare cases of individuals being spotted with these sets of these purple eyes such as former celebrity Elizabeth Taylor. However, others dispute this rumor saying that her eyes were actually more violet or amethyst than a royal or dark purple.

Is Purple Eyes Real or Mythological?

There has been plenty of debate on whether or not the Alexandria’s Genesis condition is actually real. It may have, centuries before, but so far, science has yet to confirm it. The wonderful thing about supposedly having these rare pairs of dazzling purple eyes carry more advantages for the individual with the rare disorder.

For one, persons who have these eyes can eat as much as they want and do not gain weight. They will be able to maintain a good and lean figure without much exercise from birth to their golden years. Another thing is that women will not be able to menstruate. This is great for less maintenance on their part, and they can still be fertile.

Additionally, persons that have Alexandria’s Genesis are said to be immune to many diseases and rarely acquire sickness throughout their lifetimes. The genetic mutation is said to mostly affect Caucasians. Interracial babies with mixed genes can acquire the condition also. What’s more advantageous is that persons with purple eyes cannot grow bodily, facial or anal hair. They only have the hairs on their heads, eyelashes, noses, and brows.

Going back to medical and physiological soundness for the matter, several traits of this condition are impossible to acquire genetically as origins of the Alexandria’s Genesis condition are too far apart for them to trace back to a single gene. While it is likely that a gene variation can result in the development of purple eyes (and fairer skin), enough evidence does not exist today for the condition as of yet.

People that have albinism can be pointed to having violet eyes. Albinism is a skin condition that leads to a lack of pigmentation production in the eyes, hair, and skin. Because of this, the person’s iris is affected due to the lack of pigment and the light bouncing away from the individual’s eyes. This results in a reddish or more violet color instead.  A lack of melanin plus the light bouncing effects makes for these rare eye color combinations.

Today, it is still unknown whether purple eyes are medically or biologically possible as no infant in hospital record was ever found to be born naturally wearing these mysterious eyes of royal purple. When a baby is born, his/her eyes are usually either black, blue, brown, hazel, green, amber or gray. There are also other rare eye colors that people consider interesting like the amber color.

In fact, those with amber eyes are spotted to hint russet, copper to golden shades that look very attractive when under the sun. Amber eyes are also known as wolf eyes because of their close similarity to the eyes wolves possess. Amber eyes are also found in animals like eagles, owls, fishers, and dogs. Varied and colorful eyes are an interesting thing!

So is it a fact or a myth? Alexandria’s Genesis or purple eyes, we have yet to know more about this intriguing condition. Is it a rare medical condition, a tale, or a fact? But the interesting question is, how badly do you want to own a pair of these purple eyes?

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