What Causes Old Age Spots on Back of Hands?

Old age spots are commonly seen. They tend to develop when a person starts to age. One question commonly asked is can old age spots on the back of hands be treated? Of course yes, we will be looking at that here.

Old Age Spots on Back of Hands

The skin happens to be one organ that is exposed to the environment. All other organs are located inside the body. That’s why the skin can be easily affected by external frs. Such as the sun, toxins, and chemicals in skincare products. There’s a long list of skin diseases. And they are caused by different factors. For today we will be looking at old age spots on the back of our hands. You must likely have come across this. But you might not be so conversant with what this condition is all about. That’s why we will be helping you out today. We will be looking at the causes of this condition. 

So what are old age spots? These are flat, black, brown, or grey spots located on the skin. And they usually happen in areas that are well-exposed to sunlight. This condition is also known as liver spots. Other names for age spots are senile lentigo, sunspots, and solar lentigines. Apart from learning about the causes, we will also be taking a look at some of the symptoms that come with it. Also, we will be looking at how you can get rid of these spots. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of the spots? Well, you can only find out if you keep reading. 

Causes and Symptoms of Old Age Spots on Back Of Hands? 

This is caused as a result of excess production of a skin pigment known as melanin in the skin. The reason why they usually develop isn’t known by doctors. It could be a result of sun exposure, skin aging, and other forms of exposure to UV light. So there are certain areas in the body where they are commonly found. And they are: 

  • The face 
  • The shoulders 
  • The back of the hands 
  • The forearms 
  • The upper back 

Age spots can be developed by people of any sex, age, and race. But there are certain people at risk of having age spots. And some of the risk factors are: 

  • Having a fair skin 
  • People that are 40 years and above 
  • History of frequent use of tanning beds 
  • History of being exposed to the sun frequently

Age spots can develop in clusters or they could exist singly. The size of age spots varies as well. It ranges from 0.2-2.0 centimeters. 

Ways to Getting Rid of Age Spots 

Use OTC serums and lightening creams

If you need something that would change the texture and looks of your hand completely you can’t find it. And that’s because no treatment can cause the spots to disappear completely. But then again some serums and creams would help lighten up the spots. The thing though is that this is quite effective if the pigmentation is still early. If it’s quite deep it wouldn’t be as effective as you expect. When getting your products to look out for ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, glycolic acid, kojic acid, and licorice root extract. Once you get a good one use it every day on the age spots. 

Prescription creams

Just like over-the-counter serums and creams, this would cause complete removal of the spots. But then again you can be sure that there would be changes. This is better than over-the-counter medications. There are topical creams that your dermatologist can prescribe that would exfoliate the skin, lighten it up and even reduce inflammation. That’s a total package if you think about it. After a few weeks, people that use these creams see clear changes. 

Intense-pulsed light

This happens to be the easiest as well as the most effective option when it comes to dealing with age spots. What this thing does is that it causes the darkening of the age spots. Once it darkens it would slough off after a week. This option is pain-free. But the thing though is that you might be needing about 4 different sessions of this. That’s when there would be a complete clearing of the age spots. 


This is the best option for small age spots. In this procedure, liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin. What this does is freezes the pigment-making cells. And when it does that the cells are destroyed. Right after they are destroyed, the spots would flake off. You notice that the skin has started to heal when it starts to get lighter. But even after this, some treatments might still be needed. 

Chemical peels

In this procedure, an acid is applied to the affected part. The acid would burn the outer portion of the skin. So the skin would peel and shed. After that, a healthy portion of the skin would start to form. Usually, the frequency and depth of peeling of the skin are dependent on how severe the age spots are. As well as the type of acid that is used. 

Laser treatment

This treatment method is known to be very effective for targeting age spots that are present on the hand. It breaks down the melanin pigment into small sizes. And with that, it can be eliminated out of the body. This option isn’t painful. 


Well, it’s not like age spots can be prevented all the time. But there are some things that you can do that would reduce the chances of you having age spots. And some of the tips are: 

  • Avoid direct contact with the skin between 10 am to 3 pm
  • Wear sunscreen every day, the SPF rating should be at least 30
  • Make sure that you apply the sunscreen at least 30 mins before you have direct contact with the sun 
  • Wear clothes that are protective just like long sleeves, hats, pants 

Take note that age spots are not harmful. And they don’t cause pain. On rare occasions, they make a diagnosis of skin cancer a lot more difficult. For some people, age spots would cause emotional distress. If you are that worried about it you can talk to your doctor or dermatologist about it. So that a solution would be provided for the old age spots on the back of hands.

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