Reasons For Muscular Weakness Due To Old Age

Old Age comes with muscle weakness. In this article, we will be looking at the reasons for muscular weakness in old age and how to deal with them.

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We all know that as people grow old their strength reduces. That’s why a 20-year-old man would be about to carry out a task in 5 minutes while a 60-year-old man might take 15 minutes. That’s obviously because of the decrease in strength. And that can be attributed to the fact that as a person ages the muscle gets weaker. The body is made up of muscles and for the body to move effectively these muscles must be in good shape. In this article, we will learn more about the reasons for muscular weakness due to old age.

The truth is that many people have many assumptions when it comes to causes of muscle weakness. But there are actually certain causes of muscular weaknesses in old age. So to help out with the clarification we will be taking a look at what wouldn’t cause weakness in old age. It’s important to know the causes so that you can tackle it. if you have the wrong idea about the cause of muscle weakness you would be dealing with the wrong thing in the bid to improve muscle strength. But with the right idea of the exact cause of muscle weakness, you would be able to look for solutions and means on how to reduce muscle weakness. Let’s get straight to business.

The Assumed Causes of Muscle Weakness in Old Age

  • Lack of use
  • Poor nutrition
  • Infections
  • Aging process
  • Medicines
  • Muscle damage as a result of injury
  • Prolonged use of certain substances

Muscular Weakness Tends to Develop in Old Age: Which of The Following Is Not a Reason?

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that all the listed causes can lead to muscle weakness. But do they all cause muscle weakness in old age? Let’s start with each of these and explain their contribution to muscle weakness in old age.

Aging process

There is something known as the inevitable muscle loss and wasting in old age. It is unavoidable. There are a few things that can be done to reduce the effects. But then again as a person grows older the muscle is never like it used to be. So what happens to the muscle as a person grows older? That’s a good question. As a person grows old the muscles tend to shrink and become smaller. Also, the number of muscle fibers decrease as well. As they become smaller there is a loss in muscle function. And when this happens it leads to muscle weakness in the person. That’s why old people easily fall down that’s due to weakness in their muscles.

Lack of use

This is another common cause of muscle weakness in old people. As mentioned earlier, the muscle fibers aren’t as strong as they used to be before. With this, old people tend to stay in one spot for a long while. In the bid not to feel pain or get stressed out. But the truth is that the more you don’t use the muscles the weaker they would become. What happens when you don’t use your muscles? They are actually replaced with fat. That is why many people have flaps of fat. That’s something that happens when the muscle isn’t put into proper use. When you do simple activities, the muscles will contract. And when they contract they would become very active. And gradually they would increase in size.

Poor nutrition

This is another common cause of muscle weakness in old people. As you grow older your diet should change. That’s because at different ages different foods are needed in different quantities. As a person ages, they must consume a lot of protein. Why? Muscles are known to be made up of proteins. So if muscles lack enough proteins they would grow as they should. And this would lead to muscle weakness. That’s why it’s important to watch what you eat as you grow older.

Prolonged use of substances

So there are certain things if consumed over a long period can cause muscle weakness. If someone has been a chronic alcoholic drinker for a long time, there are chances that it would cause weakness in some parts of the body. Such as muscles in the hip and shoulder. Also, smoking for a very long time is known to indirectly weaken the muscles in the body. also, using substances like cocaine can cause muscle weakness. That’s why it’s important to be careful about the kind of substances you take for a long time.

Is there any reason for the muscular weakness which is not caused to develop in old age? Well, some are muscular injury, chronic infections, and even medications.

Don’t get this wrong, they could be causes of muscle weakness in old age as well. It’s just that they are not so common.

How to Deal with Muscle Weakness in Old Age

Avoid standing or sitting for too long: Sitting down on the same spot for a long period isn’t that comfortable. And it’s also not healthy for the body. make sure you move around. This would keep your muscles active. You can do simple things like walk around the garden or go for a short stroll. Just make sure you don’t sit for too long. Also, don’t stand for too long. As you age you get weaker. Standing for a long time would drain your energy and make you feel weaker. So sit for a while and then stand for a while. That would do the trick.

  • Exercise: It does not have to be strenuous, it can be something very simple and not so tasking. Opt for simple activities like walking, doing chair exercises and many more. Just make sure you’re doing something that would keep your muscles active. Make sure you do this for about an hour a day. It doesn’t have to be at a stretch just make sure you get your muscles moving. That way your muscles wouldn’t be as weak.
  • Maintain a healthy weight: As mentioned earlier, what you eat as you grow old matters a lot. Make sure you opt for foods that would increase your muscle strength. Fats and carbs shouldn’t be your priority. Instead, make protein your priority. That’s because they are great for building muscle. Also, you would be able to maintain a good weight with just the right amount of protein.

So that’s all we have for you. Hope you now have a better understanding of what muscle weakness in old age is.

Muscle Weakness: What Causes It And How to Deal With It

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