Ways Marshmallow Root Boost Gut Health

Marshmallow Root is a significant herb that is commonly used in Europe. It has been used for many years now as a natural remedy to skin conditions, respiratory and digestive illnesses as well.

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Gut health is important to the human body as it can affect the whole system when left behind. The gut microbiome can be found in the digestive tract and is actually home to a lot of good bacteria. These bacteria help your system break food down and transform them into nutrients. In fact, these bacteria do not only work in processing food. They are found all over your body assisting it and regulating your physical and mental health. However, the health of your gut mostly relies on your environment, diet, and lifestyle. Which is why it is important to keep it healthy.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of ways you can boost your gut health. One key ingredient that can help is Marshmallow Root. Bear in mind though that this is not about the rectangular kind that you eat as a candy. Marshmallow Root is a significant herb that is commonly used in Europe. It has been used for many years now as a natural remedy to skin conditions, respiratory and digestive illnesses as well. Not only that, it is also used for skin care products and cough medicine. Meanwhile, both Marshmallow leaf and root are used for flavoring food. In this read, let us find out the other benefits Marshmallow root has for the gut.

It Treats Inflammation of the Stomach Lining

Marshmallow Root helps diffuse inflammation in the stomach lining as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Not only does it work for the stomach, it is also effective for chronic and acute inflammation in other parts of the body including the heart. Studies say inflammation of the heart is one of the top reasons of heart diseases. This works by forming a protective coating in the stomach lining so that it soothes the area.

Helps Ease Digestion

The stomach lining is very much sensitive to burning sensations from time to time. This is why marshmallow root helps avoid distress in the stomach as it secretes mucilage that decreases pain. This process happens a lot especially when there is any digestive complaint. Anything that causes harm or pain to the digestive process, its mucilage responds to heal.

Combats Bacterial Infection

As it is a natural remedy, it also naturally fights bacteria that may lead to viral infections. Not only that, it contains a variety of antioxidants that helps boost the immune system as well. Studies need to further research on its properties however in order to discover what other infections it can combat.

Heals Autoimmune Diseases and Leaky Gut Syndrome

As its properties help relieve inflammation and protect the stomach lining from further burning and damage, Marshmallow root also helps heal autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or the common leaky gut syndrome.

Fixes Water Retention

It reduces bloating as it helps decrease water retention of the body. Studies found that Marshmallow root is used in pills that can act as a diuretic. Meaning it helps flush out too much fluid in the body. Therefore helping the body regulate its water retention. Aside from this, it helps cleanse the bladder and the kidney which is a big plus for its cleansing properties. Patients have tried this treatment by using Marshmallow root as tea and drinking at least one cup a day.

Helps Fight Skin Conditions

This herb is also helpful in treating skin conditions. It can treat skin acne to eczema depending on the medication needed. The roots and stem of this plant secrete a certain mucilage that helps the skin regain its softness and fights the swelling. Moreover, Marshmallow root has potential to heal wounds quicker because of its antibacterial properties. Also because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce the irritation as well.

Treats Dry Cough

Dry cough can bother a person especially when it gets in the way of doing activities, or simply conversing with other people. Luckily, the marshmallow root is used as medicine to treat these coughs. It can soothe dry cough, and also coughs caused by the common cold. Marshmallow root is infused in cough syrup and studies have found that it is an effective treatment for any viral infection caused by mucus formation. It seems the enzyme released by Marshmallow root helps alleviate mucus formation and breathing which makes it a good natural remedy.

It Can Potentially Soothe Skin Irritation

According to research, when they used Marshmallow root infused in ointment and creams, it exhibited potential in relieving skin irritation. This includes diseases such as dermatitis and furunculosis. This is because aside from its own anti-inflammatory properties, it also stimulates other cells that have these properties as well when it reacts with them. Not only that, it can also promote better skin because of these properties including UV components that are significant for skin care.

As Marshmallow root proves to be useful in the medicinal industry, it has a lot more potential that can be discovered. One of its key healing components that definitely stood out from this list is its anti-inflammatory properties. Based on studies, this is one of the most relevant uses of the root and stem. The mucilage that Marshmallow root is abundant of is used in treating different kinds of inflammation and in different areas of the body. Definitely, it provides benefits for the human body itself. Just as how gut health can affect different parts of the body, and most especially the digestive tract.

Gut health is as important as any other body organ and system. It may come as a surprise to other people, but it can affect the performance of our bodies. Taking care of it has a lot of benefits, and some are listed on this article above. The most important to remember is that gut health can greatly affect one’s digestion of food, protection from infections, and regulation of bacteria. Keeping these in mind can motivate you into taking better care of it. Do not forget that Marshmallow root is just as accessible as any vegetable and can provide you great benefits if you are looking to boost your gut health.


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