How to Lower Cholesterol: Lifestyle Changes Tips

A lot of heart ailments are associated with poor diets. Most of these heart ailments are linked to high cholesterol intake. Though this is the true and unfortunate case, you still have the choice to get past that and have control over your diet. Not all cholesterol is bad but most of them are.

Lower cholesterol

How do we lower cholesterol intake? What lifestyle changes do we need to tweak to achieve that?

In this article, learn tips and tricks on how to tweak your lifestyle. This lifestyle tweaking tips might help you  decrease cholesterol intake, even lower cholesterol levels in your body. These tips are also amenable to be simultaneously practiced even if you are on medication. However, to be safe, talk to your doctor and ask him or her if these are indeed feasible. If you are not on medication at all, you can still use these tips to make your lifestyle healthier.

Starting is Key

A lot of heart ailments are associated with having a poor diet. Most of these heart ailments are linked to high cholesterol intake. Though this is the true and unfortunate case, you still have the choice to get past that and have control over your diet. Not all cholesterol is bad but most of them are.

There are two types of cholesterol. The first one is called the good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol and the other one is bad cholesterol which is called LDL. If the balance between the two is disrupted, there is a good chance that cholesterol might a toll in your cardiovascular system. There are simple lifestyles choices that you should get to be conscious of. Altering some of what you are used to might even improve your overall health.

The most important thing about starting change is by “starting” perse. You start with this habit and try to gradually follow the rest and keep going no matter what happens. Of course, in most cases, you still need medication to cut back on cholesterol but tweaking a little your lifestyle might help and might even stop you from taking any of these medicines at all. That is if the medicines are not necessary anymore and your lifestyle can single-handedly support the decrease of bad cholesterol in your body.

Taking medicine to cut back cholesterol is not a pretty road. In some cases, medicines might cause side effects, especially on your liver. Having said that, it is truly helpful if, by your own little effort of tweaking your lifestyle, you can veer away from the intake of medicines.

Decrease Your Weight

It is a proven fact that when you lower your weight, there is a good chance that you lower your cholesterol level too. You do not need to cut back on so much weight to decrease the level of cholesterol in your system. Talk to your dietitian on how much should you cut back on weight to get your desired cholesterol level. There are many types of diets that cut back weight and lessens the intake of cholesterol. However, not all diets can conform favorably with your condition. You have to check with your dietitian what is the best diet option with you. This diet should reflect your culture, environment, and resources.

Avoid Food that Helps in Increasing Bad Cholesterol

Avoid Trans Fats At All Cost. Trans fat is the culprit in raising the level of bad cholesterol in your body. Stay away from trans fat as it may pave the way to heart ailments and several other diseases (or disorders) linked to it. Trans fat can be found almost anywhere. You can find it in fried dishes or any dishes that use hydrogenated oil to be cooked. This makes it hard to avoid trans fat because the market almost has them all. Food agencies from different countries are taking the steps to eventually remove these trans fat products on market shelves. However, as long as these products are still available out there, consumers need to be wary of them and instead choose healthier alternatives.

There are two types of fats. The saturated and unsaturated fats. Scientifically, unsaturated fat is healthier than saturated fats. Intake of too much-saturated fat can increase your chances of increasing your level of bad cholesterol. Try to steer away from products labeled with “partially hydrogenated oil”. The term partially hydrogenated oil is another term for saturated oil. Try to steer clear away from these products with this label. Hydrogenated oils can be seen in some products that margarine, butter, biscuits and so on and so forth. Saturated fat can also be seen in red meat and dairy products.

Find Alternatives for Transfats Like Omega-3 Fat or Whey Protein

These alternatives will lower the bad cholesterol in your body. Omega- 3 is a fatty acid that can be found in types of fishes, nuts, seeds, and oats. These fatty acids are good in lowering bad cholesterol in your bloodstream and promotes the overall health of the cardiovascular system. It lowers the pressure of the blood and prevents blockage in the arteries. Whey protein in the other hand absorbs the bad cholesterol from your system. Thus, decreasing the presence of it in your system. It also promotes the overall wellness of your heart. Whey protein can be found in certain types of food but it can be into supplements too. If you consider in taking whey protein in the form of supplement, talk to your dietitian and doctors. Whey protein supplements might have a side effect in your system.

Another Effort in Decreasing Your Bad Cholesterol Level is by Exercising

Exercising is a popular way of cutting back your weight and gaining in shape. But did you know that exercising can lower the bad cholesterol level in your system? Talk to your gym instructor and doctor on what types of gym exercises can you do in order for you to maximize the use of it in lowering cholesterol. In the meantime, if gym exercises are not adapting well with your body, you can always try brisk walking, biking, or engaging in your favorite sport. As long as you keep your physique and heart fit, your cardiovascular system is always on point and the worry of cholesterol-related ailments have no chance of appearing anytime soon.

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