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In this era where sunglasses are making a fashion statement, Locs sunglasses are set to keep your game up. Read on to find out what we know about this brand.


Locs sunglasses bring quality and authentic glasses to the market. They are also one of the few glasses shops that offer a ninety-day warranty guarantee for all their products. This goes a long way to show how confident they are in their product. No wonder these sunglasses are featured in the latest top fashion show and are available at affordable prices worldwide. As you read on you will come to appreciate Locs more and also other sunglasses of its kind and also learn what to do to get the optimal benefits of UV protection sunglasses. 

What are the ultraviolet rays? We have probably seen these a lot but not many of us know what they mean. UV rays are high energy rays that are not within the realm of visible light. Their radiation is invisible and categorized into three. These three categories are UVC, UVB, and UVA. UVC is the top of the list and can cause potential harm to the skin and eyes. We are fortunate that nature itself protects us from its ray by the ozone layers in the atmosphere. This ozone layer acts as a shield blocking off all UVC rays. UVB is second to UVC but they are partially filtered through the ozone layers and get to the earth’s surface, some of it. UVA is the least and closest to the visible light. UVA and UVB are the ones humans have to protect their bodies against. 

Is it safe to use?


The craftsmanship and the material used in making Locs sunglasses are top quality polycarbonate lenses and plastic frames. They are responsible for the real look of these sunglasses. The high-quality topnotch material provides 100% protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun. 


What time of day should it be worn?

There is no exact best time for wearing your sunglasses. It depends on the purpose of why you are wearing it. Just make sure you wear it when needed. And an especially good time to use sunglasses is when going outdoors on a sunny day or when going to the beach back for vacation. This will protect your eyes from the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

What are the side effects, if any?

You might be shocked about this but ultraviolet protection provided in sunglasses has an expiration date. They do not last forever. A 2017 research conducted several tests on sunglasses lenses and the conclusion was that UV protection is lost over time.

There are several reasons for this, a common one is an ear and tear. As tiny as some scratches are they permit the entrance of radiation into your eyes. This group of researchers also discovered that sun exposure can degenerate UV protection. Look at it as a brick wall that has been hit continuously for a long period and then after a long time, this way finally caves in.

How can you tell if your glasses protection is declining? When the lens begins to thin out. When you notice this, do away with those old glasses and get some new ones. They were not made to be forever after all.

Wearing the wrong eye protection can damage your internal eyes part and the cornea. This may result in edema, cataracts, and retinal damage. When your sunglasses do not protect you from brad spectrum ultraviolet rays it may cause your skin to age earlier than it is supposed to be. Squinting also causes wrinkles to appear at the corner of your eyes.

Ensure that your sunglasses are not so dark that you have to squint through them. A good pair of sunglasses should not disrupt your normal sight pattern and do not let them stay on your eyes forever. Give your eyes some breathing space.

How Often should sunglasses be replaced? This will depend on the frequency at which you have them on. The research found out that most Brazilians have their sunglasses on for an average of two hours daily. If you belong to this category then your sunglasses should be replaced at two years interval. But if you have them on even more than two hours then replace them more frequently.

There are sunglasses for kids too. Their eyes are not exempted from the damage of ultraviolet rays so consider getting your children or younger siblings their sunglasses so they can put them on when going outdoors. Teach them to put it away when needed and let them tell when it makes them uncomfortable.

Tips on selecting sunglasses are:

  • Go for glasses that block ninety-nine to hundred percent of UVB and UVA rays
  • Screen away seventy-five to ninety percent of visible light
  • Uses gray-colored lenses for color recognition
  • Have perfectly matched lenses free from imperfections and distortions

Benefits Of Locs Sunglasses

Note that lenses color and its degree of darkness are not related to the ability of the sunglasses to block away ultraviolet rays. Choose close-fitting or wraparound sunglasses that have wider lenses for your eye protection at every angle. Some contact lenses protect from UV rays but will have to be combined with sunglasses for maximum protection.

Protects your eye from UV rays: Your eye is not immune to ultraviolet rays, it could be affected too like your skin. We are used to buying sunscreen with ultraviolet composition to protect the skin but what about your eyes? With lots of surf classes, you are providing your eyes with maximum ultraviolet eye protection. An eye that is exposed to ultraviolet rays has an increased risk of developing a cataract, eye growth, and maybe macular degeneration.

Protects your eyes from harm during physical activities: People usually prefer keeping their sunglasses asides when engaging in outdoor and physical activities but this should not be so. Sunglasses can serve as protection even In your regular physical activities. Admittedly there are some activities like track and field events where wearing sunglasses will be a hindrance to your performance and in those cases, you should keep them aside but when doing activities like swimming you can keep them on.

You must be able to differentiate the types of sunglasses, there are those made solely for fashion purposes and there are also sports sunglasses. Sports sunglasses are made to protect your eyes, shielding a lot from harm during sports like a stray ball. 

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

Loc sunglasses are affordable, their price differs depending on the type of glass you choose. 

Warranty Info or guarantee, if applicable

You can send back your Locs sunglasses if you are unsatisfied with it and get your money back. This warranty will only be recognized if you return the glasses with a retail tag and in its genuine condition. 

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

I have trouble finding sunglasses that fit my face and look good at the same time until I found these. They are the best sunglasses I have found

Nice shades I have over 30 pairs of other styles and brands and these by far are my favorites well constructed and durable the price for the quality can’t b beat I’ve ordered 2 pairs from this seller and will b buying from them very soon I highly recommend them t keep pumping out quality shades thanks guys

I like the look just kind of lose fall off of head easy

I like the look of them, but one size does not fit all. I have a big head and these sunglasses look too small on my head – I gave them to my small headed nephew.

Everything it’s cool with, the style, 2 color tone, sporty but yet very casual and long-lasting.

5 negative reviews

The product is not original. It is a delicate product and does not arrive with sufficient measures so that it does not suffer damage

They broke a week later, the arm fell off. Don’t buy them. Junk

2 stars for fitting and not being loose. Loses 3 stars for quality control. White paint on certain areas of the shades, and white streaks on the front right under the lenses. Seeing the defects makes me not want to purchase again. Shame. These shades have the potential to be nice.

Glasses are cheap, so to be fair saying they feel “cheap” is a bit on the nose, but they fit snug and are lightweight, the pair I received had 2 chips on the frame, great for the budget glasses that don’t suck too bad

Arrived with only 1 lens, not sure where the other lens went, not even in the bag with the glasses

Where to buy

Link to the product page: https://www.amazon.com/Sunglasses-Locs-Eyewear-Accessories/s?rh=n%3A2474995011%2Cp_4%3ALocs

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