Keep track of your center of the plate items with clear, consice, variance reports.

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Detailed Variance Reports

Immediate alerts to positive and negative variances for each item.

Dig deeper for detailed information on purchases, sales, waste and counts for the previous week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have logged in, the first step is to setup your inventory items. Select "Items" in the nav-bar and enter the item name and the number of units per case. The case count is important so you can enter purchases and counts by the case.

From the Count, Purchases, Sales or Items page, you will find the "Manage Users" link. Select the link and you will be taken to the Register New User page. Enter the username and email for the new user. A secure link will be sent to their email inbox with instructions how to set a password and login. The link will only last for 24 hours so let them know it's comming!

Making changes to Items is very easy. Simply go to the Items page and select the item. You will be taken to the Update Item page where you can make changes to the pack size. Simply update the pack size and click Submit.

Correcting mistakes works the same way for counts, sales and purchases and it doesn't matter if you just entered the item or if it was entered 3 days ago. Simply select the item and you will be taken to the Update page. Make your corrections and select Submit.

When the counts just don't seem correct. Try re-submitting your counts. To do this, goto the count page and select each item, one at a time, that was counted and hit the Submit button. This will tell the app to run the calculations again.

For support, email [email protected] and we get back to you as soon as possible.