Good Food Choices for Keto

To maximize the benefits of the ketogenic diet, you need to eat the right kind of food.

Good Food Choices for Keto

Our ever-increasing need to rely on technology to accomplish our tasks and work duties have led to inactivity and lack of exercise. Health has taken a back seat amidst other activities and this resulted in a population largely affected by various health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular problems.

In response to this predicament, people have started looking into different fitness and health strategies. One of the more popular regimens is the ketogenic diet. Many people claim it is achievable, moreover, an effective strategy for weight loss. However, since the ketogenic diet promotes low carbohydrate intake, we need to carefully examine the good food choices for keto.


The Ketogenic Diet: A Brief Overview

As mentioned earlier, the ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet that aims to achieve weight loss in the quickest time possible. This can be achieved by strictly consuming low carbohydrate planned meals and food items that will force the body into ketosis. This state of ketosis should ideally shift the body’s consumption of consumed glucose to consumption of stored fats. This, in essence, will result in weight loss and improved health. However, this low carbohydrate diet poses some concerns especially in terms of the good food choices for keto dieters and the not so good food choices for these individuals. We will discuss some of these food choices below.


Good Food Choices for Keto

Good food choices for keto usually result in maintaining the state of ketosis that dieters often prefer. Maintaining this state of ketosis usually results in effective and efficient weight loss and better health in the long run. The following are some of the good food choices for the keto diet:


Considered as free food on the ketogenic diet, bacon is a good source of fat and protein. This food item is lumped in together with chicken, eggs, beef lamb and veal and is essentially one of the favorite food of keto dieters. One should not consume too much bacon obviously but a carefully planned keto diet can and will certainly include some form of meat product such as bacon.

Coldwater Fish caught in the wild

Certain fish, such as tuna, halibut, mackerel, and cod, caught in the wild is a good food choice for those doing the ketogenic diet. Other seafood options that can be incorporated into the keto diet would be sole, oysters, sardines and squid.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is an excellent food item to the add to the ketogenic diet due to the fact that it offers variety to the highly organized and well-planned nature of ketogenic diets. It is important to go for plain yogurt though as buying the flavored options may increase sugar intake and therefore take the body out of the state of ketosis.

High-fiber and whole grain foods

Foods such as oatmeal are considered whole grain foods and are high in fiber. Whole grain foods mean minimal processing as opposed to refined grains. Whole grain food usually has a more complete serving of the grain’s fiber and nutrients and as such, can contribute more to maintaining ketosis and losing weight while on the ketogenic diet.

Low-carb vegetables

Eating low carb vegetables during the keto diet sounds like a match made in heaven as keto itself is mainly a low carb diet. Some vegetables actually pack on a high amount of carbs and sticking to low carb veggies such as broccoli and asparagus can help the body maintain ketosis and improve an individual’s chances at weight loss.


Some fruits should be avoided during the ketogenic diet. Avocados are different though as this protein-rich fruit is said to even boost the effects of the keto diet.


Similar to avocados, pomegranates are one of the few fruits approved for intake during the ketogenic diet. This fruit can even complement the low carbohydrate intake the ketogenic diet is known for.


Foods to Avoid for the Keto Diet

There are a number of good food choices for the keto diet but there are some bad food choices for the keto diet as well. Listed below are the foods to avoid:


Any form of bread should be avoided while doing the ketogenic diet. Simply put, bread is full of carbohydrates and consuming it, even a little, defeats the purpose of going on a keto diet. Bread may be a staple American food but if you want your body to stay in ketosis and experience the full health benefits of the ketogenic diet, then bread is something you should avoid.

Processed Foods

Processed foods may be convenient but the added sugar and preservatives can oftentimes cancel your body’s ketosis and send you back to square one. Foods that come in bags, plastics or convenient pouches are usually refined foods that will mostly have their main nutrients stripped from them. Going for whole foods and food items that were acquired or picked fresh from the wild is the way to go if you want to maintain the ketogenic diet.


Regular sweet candies can easily be singled out and avoided by keto dieters. But what about “sugar-free” candies? They can indeed be sugar-free but once consumed, the artificial sweeteners breakdown into glucose, derailing your body’s efforts of going into constant and sustained ketosis. For those wanting some form of dessert after a hearty ketogenic meal, other options such as Greek yogurt, avocados, and pomegranates may be better options to sustain the body’s ketosis.


Fruits are usually eaten as part of a regular healthy diet together with vegetables. Unfortunately, some fruits pack a lot of carbohydrates and may contribute to your body’s break from ketosis. While avocados and pomegranates are fruits that are good for the ketogenic diet, most fruits aren’t.

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