13 Foods High in Potassium

Having inadequate levels of potassium may put us at risk of fatigue, weakness and some serious medical conditions like stroke and respiratory failure.

foods high in potassium

One of the most important minerals that our body needs, potassium is essential so we can perform our body’s main processes and functions. According to many health professionals, we need 100 milligrams at the minimum of the macromineral every day. Health experts also agree that we can cut our mortality risk by around 20% if we increase our daily intake of potassium.

Fluid balance regulation and heart and muscle electrical activity control are some of the main contributions of the mineral to our body. Potassium is also helpful to decrease blood pressure and to act against muscle mass loss. Decreasing stroke risk, bone mineral preservation, and kidney stones formation are also the other benefits that we can get from eating foods high in potassium.

What will happen if we don’t eat enough foods high in potassium? Experts agree that deficiency in the mineral can cause several medical conditions such as constipation, body weakness, and fatigue. It can also lead to serious conditions such as gut obstructions, respiratory failure as well as paralysis.

To prevent this from happening, here are 13 foods high in potassium that we should have in our diet.

1. Potatoes

If you are a potato lover, then you can rest assured that you have sufficient intake of potassium. Potatoes are one of the foods high in potassium. Health experts agree that a 10 ounce baked potato will give 34% of our daily potassium need. In addition to potassium, potatoes are also good sources of other minerals that we need such as manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

2. Parsnips

A vegetable that may have some sort of similarities with carrot is parsnip. Eating a cup of this white root crop will provide 12% of our potassium need. Also perfect to support our skin health, parsnip contains a high amount of folate and vitamin C.

3. White Beans

Perfect for those who are lacking macronutrients in the body, white beans is among the foods high in potassium. Eating a cup of white beans will give our body 18% of the total daily potassium that we need. White beans are also rich in fiber and antioxidants which our body needs to lessen inflammation and cut our risk of having diabetes as well as heart disease.

4. Beets

Beets are also included in the list of foods high in potassium. Around 11% of our total daily potassium need will be supplied by having a cup of beets. Manganese, folate, antioxidant and nitrate are also present in beets. These minerals help boost the way our blood vessel functions and manages our blood pressure.

5. Swiss Chard

Also in the list of foods high in potassium is Swiss chard. The leafy green veggie is perfect for those who are living a healthy life as it is not just packed with potassium but is also rich in many vitamins. Among these is vitamin A, vitamin A and manganese. Swiss card is also notable for its high amount of fiber, magnesium, iron and of course vitamin C.

6. Tomatoes

A hero for potassium finders, tomato is perfect to supply our daily potassium needs. It is rich in this mineral as having a cup of this will provide 17% of our daily potassium needs. Vitamins A, B6, E and C are also present in tomato products. With these minerals and vitamins, tomatoes are helpful in protecting us from inflammation and having prostate cancer.

7. Spinach

Making it to the list of foods high in potassium is spinach. Having 180g of this vegetable supplies 18% of our potassium needs. Spinach promotes metabolism and strengthens our immune system as it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium and manganese.

8. Bananas

The most popular of all. Bananas are perfect for those who are looking for a good source of potassium. In addition, bananas are also rich in dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and magnesium. However, be careful when eating ripe bananas especially if you are diabetic since it contains high sugar. Better yet go with the green ones if you are managing your blood sugar.

9. Avocados

Known for having high potassium content, avocado can give us 20% of the total potassium that we need in a day. It is also packed with healthy fats and antioxidants which is why they are important to manage our weight and promote our metabolism.

10. Oranges

Aside from vitamin C, oranges are also known for its potassium. Drinking a cup of this citrus juice will contribute 11% to our daily potassium need. Thiamine, vitamin A, folate and antioxidants are also present in oranges. These nutrients and vitamins are important to fight of inflammation, obesity as well as heart diseases.

11. Clams

Having a 3.5 ounce meal of this seafood will give 18% of our daily potassium need. They are rich in other nutrients like vitamin B12, omega fats and iron which offer us a lot of health benefits.

12. Yogurt

Calling all yogurt lovers out there. In addition to potassium, yogurt also gives us riboflavin and calcium. Packed with these vitamins and minerals, yogurt is beneficial to our health as it can improve our metabolism. This is why many people believe that yogurt is helpful when we are maintaining or losing weight.

13. Coconut water

Known for its tasty and sweet flavor, coconut water is high in potassium. According to experts, we can get 13% of our total potassium need by having a cup of this. Rehydration is another benefit from coconut water as it is packed with electrolytes which explains why it is good to take after performing a strenuous exercise. This claim is supported by several clinical studies which agreed that water is less effective than coconut water when it comes to rehydrating athletes who have an active lifestyle.

Meanwhile, studies showed that coconut water can cause stomach upset to some. With all these findings, drinking this in moderation is the best road to take to prevent us from experiencing its downsides and maximizing its health benefits.

Foods Rich in Potassium

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