Double Vision After Cataract Surgery: Side Effects And Complications

Double vision after cataract surgery is one complication that people experience. We will take a look at some other complications as well as side effects.

Cataract Surgery

Any surgery comes with risks and possibilities. No matter how small surgery is there are risks involved. And certain things would happen after the surgery. That’s why surgeons would give you an idea of what would happen during the surgery and after the surgery. Anyway, we will be looking at cataract surgery today. People that have done this surgery have gone through certain signs and symptoms. And one of them is double vision after cataract surgery. We will be looking at some of the side effects and complications that can come with cataract surgery. 

Even though some complications could arise they are quite a few. Given the fact that this surgery is quite easy, you wouldn’t have to be so worried about the side effects and complications. Also, the success rate is quite high that’s why many patients aren’t so worried when they want to undergo cataract surgery. So if you are interested in finding out some of the complications and side effects that come with this surgery you have to keep scrolling. That way you will find out more interesting things about cataract surgery. 

Side Effects 

As simple as cataract surgery might be some side effects come with this surgery. And it’s important to know some of these possible side effects before going for the surgery. 

  • Inflammation: This is one thing that some people experience right after doing cataract surgery. There’s a little redness that comes with some swelling. But this isn’t something that you should worry too much about. If the redness and swelling persist for a long time then you should go see your doctor about it. So that your doctor would prescribe some medications for you. 
  • Itchiness: This is one that could come with the inflammation. And this isn’t something you should be so bothered about as well. That, of course, is if the itchiness is mild. If it’s severe then you have to do see your doctor immediately. This could be a sign that there is a complication. 
  • Blurriness: Many people experience this after doing cataract surgery. The blurriness would go away with time. So if it lasts for quite some time then you should go see your doctor about it. 
  • Sensitivity to light: The eye becomes quite sensitive to light. And this is considered normal if it lasts for just some days. If it stays for weeks or months then you should talk to your doctor about it. There are times that you would need to put on sunglasses for a while before it would stop. If the sensitivity is prolonged it could be a sign that there’s serious inflammation going on. 
  • Droopy eyelid: Right here is another side effect that can occur. The specific reason for this has not been fully identified but then again it commonly happens among people that do cataract surgery. After a while, it would settle in well. But if after 6 months of doing the surgery it persists then you might have to do see your doctor again. 
  • Corneal edema: From the name, you can already guess that it is the swelling of the cornea of the eye. And this can happen after the surgery. This is one that would resolve on its own after a while. But then again doctors prefer treating it using topical steroids if it lasts for a long time. 

Double Vision After Cataract Surgery and Other Complications

Take note that most of the side effects resolve on their own after a while. But that isn’t the case for complications of cataract surgery. Let’s take a look at some of the complications that would arise. 


  • Double vision: This is one complication that the patient can face after the surgery. Many things are surrounding this. That’s why it’s important to inform your doctor once this happens. That way your doctor would be able to know the next line of action. Double vision after the surgery shouldn’t be taken with levity. 
  • Infection: This isn’t something that happens so often these days but then again there are few occasions where it still happens. An infection must be identified quickly so that the doctor would give the eye a shot of antibiotics. If the infection is quite severe then the vitreous substance in the eye would be removed. The reason for this is to prevent any form of spread of the infection. 
  • Ocular hypertension: One thing that sometimes happens when you get eye surgery done is that there is increased pressure in the eye. This is also known as elevated intraocular pressure. This happens to be one of the most common complications that arise after cataract surgery. This is usually treated using shots, pills, or even eye drops. 
  • Iris prolapse: This can be caused by accidental trauma in the eye. The doctor after doing the surgery must ensure that there is no wound leakage. The iris can be fixed and put back in place within 48 hours. If the prolapse has been there for quite some time then the iris might be removed. This is to avoid intraocular infection. 
  • Bleeding: This is quite rare. But there are chances that the blood vessels in the retina can start bleeding. If the bleeding is small, there’s nothing to be worried about as it would resolve on its own. But when the bleeding is much, it could lead to loss of vision. What the doctor would advise is bed rest making sure your head is up, and then the use of eye drops. If after a while, the blood does not drain, then surgery might be the next line of action. 
  • Secondary cataracts: This happens to be one of the most common complications of cataract surgery. This happens when there is an abnormal growth of cells of the lens on the capsule. Then the cells would come together at the base. This would lead to a hindrance to the visual axis. This can be treated using YAG laser capsulotomy. And the procedure is quite simple and harmless.  

One thing you must bear in mind is that side effects and complications such as double vision after cataract surgery can occur. That’s why you must be aware of some of them. So that when the problem arises you would know what to do next. 

Double vision after cataract surgery

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