Do Women Have a Prostate?

Women have the Skene’s gland that produces the same hormone as the prostate gland.

Drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables can help you maintain a healthy weight

Is there a female version of the male prostate? You might have wondered do women have a prostate. The male prostate has the job of producing about three-quarters of the sperm’s fluid. This fluid helps to nourish and protect the sperm. The prostate has an important role in the male reproductive system. In fact, when there are problems with the prostate it can cause problems for areas around it including the bladder. There are also frequently issues related to the amount and frequency of urination. There’s also a “female prostate” known as the Skene’s gland. You might wonder how it compares to the male’s prostate.

Scientists have less knowledge about the skene than the prostate. However, research shows that the gland is important for women’s genitals and urinary system. Like the male prostate, the skene can also become cancerous. So, it’s important to know the possible signs of cancer cells in the glands. Like other types of cancer, early diagnosis is important. This allows doctors to provide treatments as soon as possible. Prostate cancer is actually one of the most common types among men. However, the number of cases involving skene cancer is quite low. It’s still important to know things like symptoms and treatments.

What Is the Prostate?

Before we take up whether or not there’s a “female prostate” it’s important to start with the male version. The gland is roughly the size of a walnut and is located between the penis and bladder.

The prostate makes a fluid that helps to give the sperm nutrients and safeguard it. The prostate moves this fluid from the prostate to the urethra. It then leaves the body as semen. There are other body parts involved in the process including the testes and pair of glands known as “vas deferens.”

When men experience various prostate problems it often affects urination. That’s because the urethra travels through the middle of the prostate. It runs from a man’s bladder to his penis and releases urine so it can leave the body.

The prostate can experience various conditions. Cancer is the most serious one. In fact, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men and is often ranked among the top few most common cancers among men.

There are many treatments for prostate cancer. They include prescription drugs, hormone therapy, radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy.

Another common condition is enlarged prostate or BPH. This is quite common among men aged 50+ years old and affects half of men aged 75+ in the US. Various meds and surgery can treat BPH effectively.

Inflamed prostate is another common condition that affects the prostate. This can be either acute or chronic and sometimes is caused by bacteria.

Various tests are conducted to test if a man has prostate conditions. One is called the PSA test, which checks levels of a prostate-made protein in the blood. Another common test is a DRE test. This involves the doctor checking the size, shape, and texture of the prostate.

Based on the results of these tests the doctor might order more tests run.

Do Women Have a Prostate?

Technically speaking women don’t have prostates. However, they have something called Skene’s glands that are sometimes called the “female prostate.”

Scientists are still doing research about the skene. What they’ve found is that the Skene’s glands have some of the same features as the male version. They even include some of the same substances as the prostate including the protein PSA and enzyme PSAP.

This helps to explain why these glands are sometimes known as the “female prostate.” Another similarity is the skene can also become cancerous like the prostate. However, the main difference is the rates are quite low compared to the prostate.

What does the skene do? Researchers are still learning about the function of the gland. One of the main areas of research is how the skene makes PSA. The amount of PSA in the male prostate is a sign of prostate cancer. In women, this can be a sign of certain kinds of breast cancer.

While skene cancer is possible the good news is it’s very rare. In fact, a 1994 study reported that cancer in the female prostate only made up about .03% of all cases that involved the female genital region or urinary tract.

One interesting study showed that some cancers in those areas might start in the Skene’s glands. In the future, this could provide scientists with important info about how to diagnose/treat cancers that take place in the genital area.

As with prostate cancer, it’s important to know the signs of skene cancer. Some symptoms include infections, cysts, and other growths called “adenofibroma.” Another thing to watch out for is PCOS, which involves female hormones.

As always, it’s important to watch for symptoms that you might have skene cancer. Then contact your doctor if you notice 1+ symptoms. He/She then do an exam and order tests to determine whether or not you have skene cancer.

Skene Cancer Prevent Tips

You can take certain steps to help reduce your chance of experiencing skene prostate:

Maintain a healthy/balanced diet.

It’s ok to eat a “cheat meal” from time to time. However, most of your diet should be healthy. That includes lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. If you’re not vegan/vegetarian then make sure to eat lean meats. If you’re vegan then make sure you’re getting enough protein through sources like beans and lentils.

Reduce processed meats

The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that processed meats can cause cancer. The organization was split on red meats. Try to minimize how much canned meat and hot dogs/sausages you consume since they often contain lots of additives.

Quit smoking

If you want to reduce your chance of lung cancer and other types then you should definitely avoid smoking whether it’s cigarettes, cigars, or vaping. Consider when lighting a cigarette there are 100+ toxic chemicals produced.

Studies show that smoking can cause various kinds of cancer. Lung, throat, and mouth are very common but there are other possible ones. An X-factor to consider is cancer cells could spread to other parts of the body.

Besides smoking itself you should also try to avoid second-hand smoke. The effects can be just as serious as actual smoking.

Minimize alcohol

The chance of different kinds of cancer increases based on how much alcohol you drink and how long you’ve been a regular alcohol drinker.

Maintain a healthy weight

Try to keep your snacks as healthy as possible. Watch out for high-calorie/fat foods and ones with lots of added sugar and salt. You should also avoid trying to minimize fat from animal sources. You can get “good” fat from fish, coconuts, avocados, nuts, olive oil, etc. after learning do women have a prostate.

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