Best Cure for Dry Skin in Old Age

Anyone can get dry skin. But as you age, you are more prone to this skin condition because of the way your body changes. Dry skin can be irritating and very itchy.

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One of the first things that will change as you grow old is your skin. Aside from your body changing, there are a lot of factors that can cause skin drying. It can be based on your personal habits, heredity, diet, and lifestyle. Let’s look at the best possible cure for dry skin old age.

You will know that your skin starts to dry when you will see spots and wrinkles. Other than those that were already mentioned, there are different ways your skin can dry.  Some people get dry skin when they are exposed to the sun too much or it could be pollution. There are people whose skin starts to change when they are stressed, obese, lose subcutaneous support, or have a usual sleeping position.

About Dry Skin

Getting dry skin is common nowadays. Most of the time it is because you do not drink enough water to nourish your epidermis, which is the superficial level of your skin. Although anyone, regardless of gender, can get dry skin, older people tend to have it more. The reason for this is that old people tend to have low amounts of lubricants and natural skin oils. Usually, the parts of your body that can become dry easily are your lower legs, hands, and arms.

We also mentioned earlier that it is possible for your skin to get dry because of environmental factors. In fact, you will notice that your skin dries faster because of temperature and humidity. Surprisingly, your skin can get dry when you use too much sanitizer and hand wash. Some medications can make it dry as well.

As you probably already know, the epidermis contains protein and fat. The dermis actually has a liquid portion that has a specific protein that will protect you from skin dehydration. In the event that your body lacks lipids or proteins, expect that your skin will automatically become dry.

When the skin becomes dry, it will become prone to rashes and tend to be more sensitive than usual. Because of this, you can get skin breakdown.

You will know that your skin is dry when it is already itchy. It is recommended that you do not scratch these areas because your skin might turn leathery and thick. There are those who scratched their skin and ended up getting bumps. Over time, the skin can be opened and infected. There will be red, dry, and rough patches in some areas as well. In worse cases, the dry area can have fissures and cracks.

Treatment for dry skin

the best cure for aging and dry skin

If you think your skin is dry, you can consult your doctor immediately. He or she will check the sudden changes in your skin as well as the bumps and red spots if there are any. Once you are diagnosed with dry skin, you will be asked to use a cream or ointment. You can also do the following:

Do not let showers and baths worsen your skin condition.

If you are aware that your skin is already dry, you need to do the following:

  • Remember to close the bathroom door
  • Keep your bath or show limited up to 10 minutes only
  • Instead of using hot water, you need to bathe using warm water.
  • If possible, bathe using a fragrance-free cleanser that is gentle to the skin.
  • Using a cleanser can remove all the oil and dirt in your skin. Just remember to not use too much cleaner in your body, particularly the skin that is already dry.
  • Dry your body using a towel
  • Do not forget to use moisturizer once you are able to dry your skin

Moisturizer is your new best friend

Earlier, we mentioned that you need to use a moisturizer. You can use lotions, creams, and ointments to give nourishment to your skin. Apply this after you wash your hands or face or after you dry your body.

In relation to number 2, it is best that you use cream or ointment.

We said that there are 3 products that you can use for your skin. But if you want to get the best results, then it is better to use creams and ointments rather than a lotion. Why? It is because lotions can be less irritating on your skin.

Take note that you need to buy ointment or lotion that has either jojoba oil or olive oil. Other ingredients to look for are shea butter, glycerin, mineral oil, and urea.

Prioritize unscented skincare products

You will not be prohibited from using skincare products. But you should change the brands to those that are gentle and unscented as these can be bad for your skin. Even worse, they can make your skin dryer than before.

With this, you might want to stop using deodorant soaps and all those products that have retinoids, alcohol, and alpha-hydroxy acid.

Use gloves

The last one on the list is the importance of wearing gloves. But why gloves? It has been said that the first place that you can get dry skin in your hands. The best solution to this is by wearing gloves. Do not worry, we will not advise you to wear it at all times. But as much as possible, you need to use one when you have tasks that will make your hands wet, during winter, and when you hold things that have greases or chemicals.

Anyone can get dry skin. But as you age, you are more prone to this skin condition because of the way your body changes. Dry skin can be irritating and very itchy. As much as you can, do not scratch it as the infected areas can have red spots or be infected.

The first thing that you should do is to go to your dermatologist. He or she will recommend that you use ointments or creams. There are other home remedies that you can do if you have dry skin. Just take note of these and hopefully, your skin will get better soon.

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