Crepey Skin: Treatment, Causes, and Prevention

Crepey skin is usually caused by sun damage. It resembles wrinkles, but this condition may affect a larger are of your skin. Learn more here.

Crepey Skin On Hands

Crepey skin looks thin and is wrinkled similar to that of a crepe paper. This skin type may feel loose and sag as well. While crepey skin can seem very similar to wrinkled skin, crepey skin usually affects larger portions of the skin, and the portion seems thinner and more fragile. Crepey skin is usually found on the upper inner arms or under the eyes.

Possible Causes of Crepey Skin

The most common cause of crepey skin is damage caused by the sun, but this is not the single factor to look into. Crepey skin can also be the result of the getting older, weight loss that is excessive, or a combination of the said factors. The sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays can lead to collagen breakdown along with the skin’s elastin, which can help in the skin staying wrinkle-free and tight. Once the break down in these fibers occurs, skin can become wrinkled, thin, and loose.

The aging process should also be considered, as people tend to produce reduced levels of elastin and collagen. Both elastin and collagen can aid in the skin looking smooth and supple, and as people get older, the production of these fibers is significantly reduced. Different factors can take a toll on the skin such as smoking cigarettes, stress, and pollution through the entire lifetime of individuals and can result in the signs of aging becoming more and more visible or obvious. 

As people get older, the production of oil by the skin gets significantly reduced as well compared to when they were still young. The oils produced by the skin can aid in having moisture sealed and also give the skin a crucial lipid barrier. Changes to the hormone can also result in skin that is drier and lowered the natural production of oil. Any factor that can lead to dryness of the skin can lead to crepey skin. Individuals who have crepey skin and that comes and goes based on the weather or the season may have a lack of moisture to blame.

Prevention of Crepey Skin: What to do?

Individuals must have their skin protected from sun damage to prevent crepey skin. It is also important that individuals steer clear from the direct and prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. It is also crucial that individuals protect themselves using some form of clothing that is sun-protective and to wear sunscreen. A good body lotion or moisturizer can help a lot. Experts recommend that products containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin be considered to improve and prevent the appearance of skin that is crepey.

Both glycerin and hyaluronic acid can help retain and pull in moisture so that the skin can remain plump and stay hydrated. Moisturizing oils, such as cocoa butter, olive oil, and coconut oil can aid in softening the skin and moisturizing the skin as well. There are indeed no specific supplements or food items that can lead to skin improvement in terms of crepey skin. A diet that is well-balanced and is high in anti-oxidants, particularly colorful veggies and fruits can aid in skin health as well as the other parts of the body. Specifically, vitamin C can provide the skin with benefits due to its enhancing the skin’s production of collagen.

It must be noted, that people won’t experience a boost in antioxidants in just one day or night. You should not expect the skin to look better after eating some blueberries but eating them over the years can help the individual in the prevention of skin breakdown.

Treatment Options for Crepey Skin

Several treatment options may be utilized in the reduction of skin that is crepe and enhances the health of the skin overall. The location on the body of the crepey skin, the creping’s cause, and the individual’s skin type will all be considered in determining which treatment option is best for the patient. A skincare expert can help in the determination of the appropriate treatment, and getting it treated earlier is best for skin recovery and health.

Possible dermatological treatments include the following:

1. Topical retinoid

This can come in either gel or cream form and can result in a speedy turnover of cells and the exfoliation of the skin. However, it must be noted that the said products can lead to skin that is dry and can worsen crepey skin if not utilized alongside a hydrating moisturizer.

2. Fraxel or Fractional Laser Treatment

This form of treatment utilizes the healing properties of lasers to make certain areas underneath the skin, which can lead to having new collagen develop and grow. This can aid in having skin wrinkles smoothed out starting from the inside and radiating outwards. Skin that is crepey around the eyes will usually respond well to Fractional Laser Treatments.

3. Ulthera or Ultrasound

Just like treatment using a fractional laser, this form of ultrasound is a procedure that is skin tightening, which can also use ultrasound that is targeted to have supporting tissues underneath the skin heated. This form of heat (intense) can aid in breaking down cells and result in the stimulation of collagen growth to make skin tighter. This form of treatment is normally utilized on the neck and face but not on the arm’s upper areas. This is due to the topical anesthetics are not going to be ideal, and the nerves in the upper arm can encounter some uncomfortable sensations during treatment. 

4. CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis

 This is a form of procedure that is non-invasive, which can aid in the removal of areas of fat that are localized. The said treatment option has the lipids frozen to make them dissolve slowly. This kind of treatment is utilized when loose skin covers excess body fat as Coolsculpting can make skin tighter by having excess fat removed.

Treatment For Crepey Skin

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