Best 3 Probiotic Supplements for Men + Natural Alternatives

Prebiotics are the parts of food much like fiber that cannot be digested by the human body while probiotics are live microorganisms that hang around your gastrointestinal tract.

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Even if men view themselves somewhat superior and women their inferior when it comes to health and taking care of oneself there is no sex better than the other. Even men as tough as nails can get sick and they can also be as health conscious as any female around. Who said vanity in health is only for women. Today we zoom in on the latest in terms of the best probiotic for men out there.

Should I go Probiotic or Prebiotic?

First things first though, we often hear about the so called probiotics but what about prebiotics. Hence to make healthier choices we need to know what is the difference between prebiotics vs probiotics.


Right off the bat, probiotics are live microorganisms that hang around your gastrointestinal tract. They naturally occur under the process of fermentation like in some yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and many more. They are good bacteria that keep a healthy balance in your tummy as they sweep out harmful bacteria that might enter your body. They are alive hence they must be fed. But what do these good bacteria eat? Not you or your tummy of course rather they eat prebiotics. What? How could that be, if they were good how could they be eating prebiotics then? We’ll get to that later in the prebiotics section, so hold your horses for a bit. There are a lot of bacteria that the scientific and medical community consider good but generally speaking there two well known culture of bacteria that are considered probiotics which are the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

The lactobacillus strain may help people who are unable to digest milk and related dairy products. It is commonly found in fermented food such as yogurt. It is also good for people who are suffering from diarrhea.

On the other hand the bifidobacterium strain is naturally found in the large intestine though it may also be commercially available on some dairy products. Its role is to fight off bad bacteria that may get in to the intestine thus preventing constipation that may develop into IBM or irritable bowel movement. A bonus from this helpful strain of bacteria is that it helps boost the immunity. Not only that but it may also be able to lower some carcinogenic enzymes found in the intestine.

Probiotics are now often used a supplements to patients using antibiotics to try and help good bacteria grow in number after the medication has probably wiped out both the bad bacteria and some of the good bacteria in the body. Though it is necessary that we keep in mind that probiotics are live microorganisms and might be sensitive to the acid found in the stomach depending on the biological inclination of an individual’s body and therefore we must find the suitable probiotics for each unique individual.


Remember earlier, when I said that probiotics, the live microorganisms, eat prebiotics? Well you heard me right. Its like this, the probiotics are like birds and the prebiotics are the seeds, water, fruits and many more that you feed your bird in order for it to grow strong and of course to continue living.

Prebiotics are the parts of food much like fiber that cannot be digested by the human body. It enters in the form of fiber into the colon and is then fermented by the time it reaches the colon. These fermented prebiotics serve as food for the many colonies of good bacteria in the digestive system much like the probiotics as mentioned earlier.

In some studies conducted, prebiotic fiber is found to have a positive effect in terms of immunity, bone density, weight management, brain health and of course one’s digestive health. It may also help in calcium absorption, modify the processing of carbohydrates in the body and due to the help it extends to probiotics it may also have an effect in metabolism and good digestion.

There are no further studies as to the harmful effects of prebiotics to the body, and unless proven otherwise prebiotics are as now on the good side.

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Best Probiotics for Men

Prebiotic Food Supplements

If you can get prebiotics already from healthy and nutritious food already, is there a need to go and buy food supplements that can increase your prebiotics in the body? Let’s be honest if we consider the lifestyle of men and women today, it’s pretty hard to stay healthy because we are always on the go. Not to mention all the scrumptious but otherwise not so healthy kinds of food that we consume on a daily basis. It’s enough to make one decide to take further steps in keeping themselves healthy.

Best Probiotic for Men

So here are the best probiotic for men that you can take in order to increase your prebiotics and keep yourself one step closer to that health goal you’ve always wanted. Of course this not to promote brands and what not, but simply a citation of data gathered by another source in saying that these are as of 2018 partly the top 3 prebiotic supplements out there. This is in no particular order.

Nue Co. Skin Food + Prebiotic line of supplements

  • Debloat Food + Prebiotic: This is good for those who have problems with their digestion.
  • Energy Food + Prebiotic: This one is for those who are feeling low in energy.

Seed Female Daily Synbiotic

Don’t fret because this a kind of prebiotic and probiotic combination that has one version available for males but mostly for females.

BioSchwartz Probiotic

A well loved prebiotic and probiotic supplement by concessionaires who have problems with digestion.

Natural Alternatives

But if you’re more on the healthy and natural side of living, you might ask where can I get prebiotics without having to go to any over-the-counter drugs. Well you don’t have to look far. If probiotics are generally found in some fermented food, prebiotics are much readily available since they are dietary fibers. It is safe to say that you can find them in food rich in dietary fiber. Some of these food include barley, bananas, leeks chicory root, oatmeal, onions, garlic, wheat bread with wheat bran, apples, asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke. Sounds delicious and healthy.

No sex is better than the other. Man is strong but women aren’t at all weak. It also doesn’t mean that because men are generally stronger that they can’t get sick and be health conscious. Everyone has an equal opportunity to a healthier way of living it’s just up to the decisions that each individual makes. On a side note, they say that the easiest way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So ladies you know what to do prepare those prebiotic rich recipes for the best probiotics of your men.

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