Best Krill Oil Supplements That Are Worth To Try

People are drawn to Krill oil because of it is a very good source of omega 3s. It is also a popular replace or alternative to Fish oil due to fish oil’s possible adverse effects in terms of PCB and mercury contamination.

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People look for supplements that can help them achieve a better quality of life and enhanced health. One such supplement is Krill Oil.  People who are looking for this form of supplement, however, would also like to be guided on what the best Krill oil supplements are available in the market today. In this article, we will look at what Krill Oil is the best Krill oil brands available in the market today.

Krill Oil: A Brief Overview

People are drawn to Krill oil because it is a very good source of omega 3s. It is also a popular replacement or alternative to Fish oil due to fish oil’s possible adverse effects in terms of PCB and mercury contamination. In addition, evidence suggests that Krill oil is more readily and easily absorbed by the human body compared to other oils such as fish oil. Another advantage of Krill oil is its image of being a more ethical omega 3 source but that would still depend on how the oil was actually harvested. With all of these advantages and benefits, the main consideration for individuals should be to choose the best and highest quality of krill oil supplement they can get their hands on.

What Are The Best Krill Oils Worth Trying?

1MD Antarctic Krill Oil

This krill oil supplement is currently one of the best in the market at present. Individuals take this particular krill oil supplement as it the most effective krill supplement against pain and swelling of the joints. Each dosage of this supplement is loaded with 1,600 mg or milligrams of krill oil. Among the krill supplementation tested, it also contains the highest levels of astaxanthin which is a potent antioxidant that can help boost an individual’s overall energy levels and wellness. 1MD Krill Oil platinum also has all-natural components or ingredients and contains no artificial additives or chemical fillers. In fact, 1MD Antarctic Krill Oil has been found to be one of the purest forms of Krill oil available in the market today. 1MD should seriously be considered by people suffering from chronic pain and swelling of the joints.

Antarctic Krill Oil

Second, on this list is the Antarctic Krill oil which contains 1,000 milligrams or mg of pure unadulterated krill oil. Antarctic Krill Oil has also been found to offer the highest overall dose for Krill Oil with 400 milligrams or mg being composed of phospholipids, 60 milligrams or mg of DHA, and 128 milligrams or mg of EPA. One added benefit of Antarctic Krill Oil is that it contains an additional 1 mg or milligram of the antioxidant astaxanthin per dosage which is actually a decent amount for any supplementation of krill oil. However, it is recommended to double the said dosage to at least two (2) mg or milligrams.

Neptune Krill Oil

This particular krill oil is special due to two of its distinguishing features. First, it can provide people with high levels of Krill Oil per dosage at around 1,000 mg or milligrams per serving. It also contains significant levels of the antioxidant astaxanthin, DHA and EPA. The second special feature of this krill oil is that it was produced by the company which provided or gave the majority of the funding to conduct research on krill oil which means that many studies on krill oil actually use the benefits and the data collected using this particular brand of krill oil. If monitoring and following scientific advances in terms of krill oil is your preference, then Neptune Krill oil is the supplement that you should primarily consider.

Viva Naturals Krill Oil

Viva Naturals Krill Oils is known for its balance in delivering high levels of the good stuff- 1,250 mg or milligrams of krill oil per dose with significant amounts of DHA and EPA mixed in. DHA provided by Viva Naturals Krill oil is at 95 Milligrams while the said krill oil provides EPA at around 165 mg or milligrams. One disadvantage of this krill oil, however, is that to be able to get the aforementioned dosage, individuals may need to take in two (2) capsules (softgel) instead of a single one. If patients are only taking one capsule, then they may need to divide the nutritional values into two to get the exact amount.

Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil

Jarrow formulas Krill oil can provide around 1,200 mg or milligrams of krill oil per dosage if taken in two tablets or servings. This because Jarrow Formula Krills have prepared each capsule to contain only around 600 mg or milligram per capsule. Compared to the other products, this particular krill oil does not contain as much astaxanthin since it only has around 0.11 mg or milligrams of the said antioxidant. If anthoxanthin is a major consideration for the patient, then other krill oil options may be better for the individual.

Renew Naturals Antarctic Krill Oil

This product has less krill oil content compared to the others on the list with only 500 milligrams or mg per dosage. However, this krill oil supplement has a higher content for its DHA and EPA components so people who may be interested in getting more omega 3 fatty acids into their system, then renew naturals antarctic krill oil may be the best option for them.

Nutrablast Krill Oil

Similar to that of Renew Naturals Antarctic Krill oil, nutrablast krill oil only contains around 500 milligrams or mg of krill oil per dosage. However, it is unique and it does stand out in terms of its compliance to the California Proposition 65 which is set to ensure that chemicals are prepared appropriately and ensuring the purity or products or ingredients used. If you want to make sure that your product is free from impurities, then Nutrablast is the brand for you.

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