Ways On How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Hands Plus Top 5 Prevention Tips

How to get rid of age spots on hands? It can be addressed at home utilizing medicated creams that are for topical use including, tretinoin, mild steroids, and hydroquinone.

Age spots on hands

Individuals may observe age spots on hands that are small growing in number with each passing date of birth. These accumulating age spots are considered the body’s normal reaction to the skin’s continued and constant exposure to the sun’s rays throughout a lifetime. These age spots or dark spots will begin showing up at around 50 years old but individuals who are also younger can still get these spots on the skin if they are exposed constantly to the rays of the sun for extended periods.

Fortunately, those who do not want these age spots to appear can turn to various possible remedies and treatments to address the said skin condition. If you want to know more about the aforementioned remedies or tips, read on to find out!

Age Spots: Home Remedies 

Individuals can address their age spots at home utilizing medicated creams that are for topical use. To be able to purchase the creams enumerated below, individuals would first need to get a doctor’s prescription. These creams include Tretinoin (acne cream) and other retinoids, mild steroids, and hydroquinone (a cream used for bleaching). The above-mentioned medications can be applied topically and work by making age-spots fade over several months. 

Individuals are also advised to apply a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum and with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 minimum particularly for those using more than one treatment that is topical. This can aid in the further reduction of damage caused by the sun. It must also be noted that topical creams that are for prescription by a healthcare professional can have some very potent or strong effects on the skin. As such, there is a risk that they can lead to redness, itching, dryness, and burning temporarily. 

Other topical fade creams may also be purchased without any prescription also known as OTC or over the counter. Individuals are advised to look for products that contain kojic acid, glycolic acid, and hydroquinone. However, individuals must also note that some of these products and their ingredients can still lead to skin irritation particularly those that contained hydroquinone. Those who are uncomfortable utilizing the said creams to remove dark spots or age spots may opt to go for certain makeups designed to have these age spots hidden.

How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Hands: In-Office Options

Healthcare professionals will usually have methods or treatment options that can address age spots faster compared to the aforecited home remedies. Below are some in-office options to have age spots treated:

1. Intense Pulsed light therapy and laser therapy

These are forms of treatment that can aid in the destruction of cells that are melanin-making (the cells that lend age spots their color) without having the skin’s surface harmed. Normally, individuals would have to see their healthcare professional around twice or thrice for this form of treatment. Several months or weeks after receiving this kind of treatment, fading of the age spots should be observed. Luckily, pulsed light therapy and laser therapy only has a few side effects which will involve most individuals experiencing some form of skin discoloration. Once treatment is done, individuals should use sunscreen and other types of protection from the sun daily.

2. Cryotherapy (Freezing)

During this form of treatment, healthcare professionals will use liquid nitrogen or other solutions that can contribute to freezing to the affected areas of the skin through a cotton-tipped swab. This is supposed to lead to the destruction of the pigment (color) caused by these age spots. As the skin starts healing, it will have a lighter color. This form of treatment will commonly be recommended for age spots in small clusters or on single age spots. This kind of treatment carries with it the minimal risk of skin irritation that is temporary, discoloration, and even scarring that is permanent. 

3. Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion

This treatment requires sanding down or planing of the skin’s surface layer using a brush that is fast-spinning. As a result, the removal of the skin’s surface which will then allow the skin to grow a new and healthier layer. Healthcare professionals may need to conduct this kind of treatment several times to see improvements. Individuals may also have redness that is temporary and the formation of some scabs after receiving this kind of treatment. On the other hand, microdermabrasion has an intensity that is reduced compared to dermabrasion which can aid in making age spots look lighter. People will need to receive treatments in-office for several months to experience some positive changes. It must be noted though that people suffering from Rosacea or veins on the face that are small and red may have their condition worsened in terms of how their Rosacea looks.

4. Chemical Peel

For this kind of treatment, the healthcare professional will have some acid applied, destroying the skin’s outer layers and stimulating new skin growth and development to replace the damaged layer. A few treatments are required before any noticeable changes can be observed. There is also the possibility that the chemical can have the skin’s color permanently changed.

5. Estate

Another form of in-office treatment, Ekstata will have the doctor use liquid hydrogen peroxide that is highly concentrated on age spots 4 times for around 4 minutes. This can help age spots become much more moistened and have them dissolved without the surrounding skin getting damaged. Those with large age spots may need more than one treatment.

Prevention of Age Spots On Hands

Aside from treatments, individuals can also prevent the occurrence of age spots through the following:

  1. Use of Sunscreen with an SPF that is at least 30
  2. Use of sun-protective clothing
  3. Avoid long exposure to the harmful rays of the sun
  4. Avoid using tanning beds 
  5. Try some of the above treatments before age spots get out of hand

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