What Does a Slow Urine Stream Indicate?

woman sitting on a toilet bowl

Slow urine stream, also known as urine hesitancy is a condition that most often affects older men. However, all ages and even women are prone too but older men are most susceptible due to several factors. When slow urine streams happen, those who experience it find it difficult to pee, or the urine flows intermittently. Likewise, the person may feel that he has not fully released all the pee from his bladder.

Cardiac Conduction System: Its Primary Function

Person holding a symbolic heart-shaped object to represent the cardiac conduction system

The cardiovascular system is such a wondrous system of interconnected networks and functions. All these intricate systems aim to do is keep the heart beating properly and evenly distribute blood in all parts of the body. One of the systems that helps in the overall function of the cardiovascular system is a cardiac conduction system or CCS. It triggers the electrical impulse that is naturally present to the heart.