10 People Who Don’t Age: Plus The Science Behind Why Some Age Slower Naturally

It’s amazing how some people don’t look at all like their age. There are those who look far more mature than they really are. But there those select few who don’t seem to age even if their birthdays keep piling up.

People who don't age

It’s amazing how some people don’t look at all like their age. Some look far more mature than they are. Now, this can be both good and bad. When you are a young teen wanting to go out having a mature look could get you into places you normally wouldn’t but it could also get you into a lot of trouble. But there those select few who don’t seem to age even if their birthdays keep piling up. There is a certain reason for this condition or phenomenon. Today we are looking at 10 ordinary people and celebrities alike who don’t seem to age and look a day older than they should be. 

What Science says about how you age?

There is talk among the scientific community about how people age. Talk about how our body ages daily, strictly biologically speaking. There is what they call “ageotypes” or the four pathways to which one person ages. This collective thought sought to answer questions like why do some people deal with different body conditions when they grow old. Everybody we know will soon grow old but how is it that when we look at them they don’t exactly deal with the same conditions. This is why some scientists came up with this collective thought through research. A team of researchers conducted a study of different people who were aged 34 to 68 and were as healthy as can be. The study the researchers conducted looked at molecular biological markers throughout 2 years. They have found out that aging biologically had something to do with four pathways, ageotypes as they called it. Each path directs the course of how one age. These ageotypes are namely; metabolic, immune, hepatic, and nephrotic. The metabolic ageotype relates to the building up and breaking down of natural substances in the body. The immune ageotype relates to the body’s immune responses. The hepatic relates to how the liver functions as we age. Lastly, nephrotic relates to the kidney functions of our body. The research indicated that we all belong to one of these ageotypes and at one point we belong to more than one. In conclusion, the researchers have reason to believe that with further exploration and studies, science could help slow down aging by targeting thus specific ageotypes. The possibility is indeed quite exciting and controversial as well. 

Look! I don’t look my age

It is truly crazy and amazing at the same time to know that there are people out there that don’t look like their real age. I mean, kudos to them for keeping it young and gorgeous. We got a list from online sources from 2019 that was compiling a list of people who are ordinary folks and celebrities alike that don’t look like their real age. We combined the two lists and gave you the 10 people who don’t look like they aged at all.

1. Masako Mizutani 

This 49-year-old ex-Japanese model is not just any pretty face. She is called “eternally young.” With her looks, she surely is like one of the younger generations of women in Japan.

2. Chuando Tan

A 50-year-old Singaporean photographer who looks as good as any 20-year-old young man aspiring to be a model. This good looking gent is breaking barriers in terms of modeling even beyond your 20s or, in this case, beyond 40s.

3. Ellen Ector

Whoever said that you can’t look fit, fab and young even in your 60s must have not yet seen Ellen Ector, who by the age of 64 is still a fitness coach and not knitting old sweaters. Her secret is working out and staying healthy and then looking young will be easy.

4. Annette Larkins

I grew up with my grandma, and she is now 85 years old, and I tell you she doesn’t look like Annette Larkins, who at the age of 75 is still looking mighty fine for her age. She said in one interview that her secret is her diet of eating raw (like sushi kind of raw), vegetables that she grew herself. 

5. Ernestine Shepherd

Move on back grandma cause even at 81 years of age this sassy grandma is a bodybuilder. She goes around the country to teach people bodybuilding principles. She revealed in some interviews that even though she began sports when she was 56 she instilled in herself incredible discipline to be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

6. Adam Levine

This hunk of a machine is the frontman of the famous band Maroon 5. He and his band Maroon 5 debuted their album last 2002 and since then they haven’t looked back. He is now a judge in the famous singing contest in the world, the Voice, and still looks as handsome as he did back then. 

7. Mila Kunis

This lovely actress was just 17 when she starred in a hit show called “That 70s Show”. But her charming smile still hasn’t changed yet. She is now 36 and is happily married to her fellow actor Ashton Kutcher. 

8. Jennifer Lopez

Who knew that Jenny from the block would still look sexy and beautiful like she did, maybe even a lot hotter than when she used to be a background dancer. She was hot then but she is a hot mama now at 50.

9. Mario Lopez

If looking eternally young runs in the Lopez family then, I better sign me up on that family tree. Here yet again is another Lopez, Mario Lopez that is, who doesn’t seem to age like the rest of us do. He’s got that mile deep dimple and all still stealing hearts at the age of 46.

10. Paul Rudd

Actor Paul Rudd might be “Clueless” but he sure does know the clue to looking younger than your actual age. He may be tiny as Ant-Man but he sure does make big waves with that charm of his.

Stay Young by going Natural

Looking young doesn’t have to be for a select few and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive as well. You can look young and stay young by using some of the natural methods known to man. Here are some of those natural ways to stay younger a little bit longer.

  • Catch on some good quality sleep and rest. Sleeping well and good quality rest can give your body the needed break it needs to recuperate.
  • Don’t be afraid to get fat. Fat with Omega-3 fatty acids that is. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be good for the heart. 
  • Move your butt, and get that necessary exercise for a healthier, younger you.
  • Don’t be scared to explore your feelings. Fall in love, it has been seen through studies that falling in love gives you a sense of happiness and releases endorphins the happy hormone. And when you are happy, you get to be younger looking.
  • Pack on some resveratrol. You can get this through the skin of grapes. You can either eat plenty of grapes and or if you like, you can drink more red wine but be cautious as to not to become too dependent on alcohol.
  • I think it’s time to do some yoga. When you do yoga, you get a better posture, a better mood, a lot more energetic, and even less stressed. That means a healthier you. 
  • Get freaky with fruits but not just any fruit goes with the superfruits. Like berries and pomegranates. These are all packed with antioxidants that combat those free radicals that make you look old.
  • Why don’t you sip some green tea instead of your usual milk tea? Milktea is all the rage right now, it may be tasty and sweet but it can be full of sugar. That is bad for your body. You can sip green tea instead. It is a healthier alternative plus it is packed with antioxidants.
  • Moisturizer is the key. Keep your skin hydrated with the help of good quality moisturizers. 
  • Hey, looking young also has something to do with exercising your brain. Do some brain puzzles and get that old nut-cracking.

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